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Vin Sol - Supernatural EP

Vin Sol

Supernatural EP

Vin Sol has arrived back on the scene with his outstanding and varied album on Dark Entries. On his debit Craigie Knowes EP however it's back to the g... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP20 € 9,99

Mike Dehnert - MD2.8

Mike Dehnert


MD2 strikes again with part 8 of the series, delivering some dubby club tools!

12inch MD2: MD2.8 € 9,99

Ryan James Ford - 3NVY

Ryan James Ford


Fierce kick drums, expertly cut up breakbeats and brain dance influenced melodies. 6 tracks of proper intelligent rave fuel by Ryan James Ford on this... more...

Mini-LP Clone - Dub Recordings: Dub041 € 11,99

Incentive  - You



Repress of a rare Italian obscure house record from a Master Maurizio Verbeni aka Jazzvoice, became in a few months an absolute Italian classic house.

12inch Sleeve Records: Sleeve002 remind

Space Garage - Space Garage (Reissue)

Space Garage

Space Garage (Reissue)

Intoxicating and scorching electro-space rock by Mystic Jungle and Rico Milord. Limited reissue edition on 12" with an additional special extended ver... more...

12inch Periodica: PRD1015 € 11,99

The Boys from Chariss - DAT 91-99 Ep

The Boys from Chariss

DAT 91-99 Ep

The 'DAT 91-99' EP pieces together long forgotten tracks from the Bristolian production duo 'The Boys From Chariss'. A collection of previously relea... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks027 € 10,99

Roza Terenzi - Metal Glo EP

Roza Terenzi

Metal Glo EP

Some killer cuts on this new special edition Klasse Wrecks release!! Long time friends Klasse Wrecks and Pelvis come together and release a joint vent... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks026 / KWXPR001 € 10,99

Ellinor Jackson - Knowledge

Ellinor Jackson


O'Girl aka Ellinor Jackson is back once again on Borft! Her debut left me wanting for more. Like label boss Villa Abo said 'Sometimes you just feel ri... more...

12inch Borft: OG200 € 10,99

AUX 88 - Direct Drive

AUX 88

Direct Drive

The Classic electronic funk Classic by the Detroit Techno Bass innovators AUX88. “Direct Drive” is the track that defines Detroit, Detroit radio and t... more...

12inch Direct Beat: DBC4W-013 remind

ADT - Changes



Blue transparent vinyl with four fierce electro tracks characterized by powerful grooves and immersive emotive melodies. Inspired by life and its emot... more...

12inch R12 Records: R12002 € 9,99

OYC - Ocean Youth Club - Divided Self

OYC - Ocean Youth Club

Divided Self

In 1984 post-industrial obscurists O Yuki Conjugate had completed their first album Scene In Mirage. At a turning point in their development, they rel... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVNX-900 € 14,99

Aardvarck - Monkey Formula


Monkey Formula

Compilation of Aardvarck mainly unreleased material from one of our favorite and dearest producers. Limited Edition Of 300. Every sleeve is unique -... more...

LP CROWD: CROWD001 remind

Automat - Automat



Tempo Dischi's second release is one of electronic music’s seminal albums; 1978 Italian space disco album: Automat by Automat.

LP Tempo Dischi: TD002 remind

Sinfol & JP Enfant - Who We Are

Sinfol & JP Enfant

Who We Are

Anagram Label start off their new vinyl only series with a split EP from De School resident JP Enfant and label owner Sinfol. Limited to 200 copies.

12inch Anagram: NGRMW01 remind

Derek Carr - Reset ep

Derek Carr

Reset ep

Derek Carr re-launches his own label Trident Recordings with Reset EP. Four house tracks in his signature style!

12inch Trident Recordings: TRECS002 € 9,99

Disrupt - The Recreation Room


The Recreation Room

Cosmic library dub album by disrupt on the new Zonedog imprint, soaked in swirling synths, mind-altering loops and lushly textured polygons. ''The... more...

12inch Zonedog: ZDR01 € 22,99

Konduku - Lila



Amsterdam based producer Konduku makes a move to Bristol's Idle Hands. His Lila EP is the first release outside Nous'klaer Audio where he released his... more...

12inch Idle Hands: IDLE060 remind

Santilli - Surface



For the latest release in their ongoing ‘International’ series, Into The Light Records takes us to Sydney and the dreamy, softly spun musical world of... more...

LP Into The Light: ITLINTL04 remind

Adriaan de Roover - Leaves

Adriaan de Roover


Grainy soundscapes flow smoothly together with rippling breakbeats. Dystopian rhythms vanish into horizontal noise. An ancient procession in the dark,... more...

LP Leaves: LEAF1 € 25,99

Glenn Astro - Naturals

Glenn Astro


Glenn Astro conquers new territories with Naturals, fusing elements of Balearic and leftfield house with tribal and acid sounds on Tartelet Records.

12inch Tartelet: TART048 € 12,99

Dawl - Off World Odyssey


Off World Odyssey

Electro, techno, acid and breaks ready to rave!

12inch Tribe Recodings: TRB02 remind

Plastic Project - 7 A.M. (Incl. Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)

Plastic Project

7 A.M. (Incl. Verrina & Ventura Re-Shape)

The legendary WildFlower Records repressed the 001 Plastic Project - 7 A.M., a real manifesto of Italo Deep House Music movement proudly made back in... more...

12inch WildFlower: WLD001R € 12,99

Erell Ranson - Many Moons Ago

Erell Ranson

Many Moons Ago

Many Moons Ago EP is four tracks of deep and emotive electronics for the discerning dance floor and intimate home listening alike. Delivered with a de... more...

12inch Magnonic Signals: MS002 remind

Leonardo Marques - Early Bird

Leonardo Marques

Early Bird

Leonardo Marques makes a kind of music that creates bucolic and romantic scenarios whose sound goes among indie folk, sixties psychedelia, lo-fi and t... more...

LP 180g x Disk Union: 180GDULP02 € 22,99

The Sorcerers - The Sorcerers

The Sorcerers

The Sorcerers

Taking influences from Ethiopiques ethiojazz as well as the soundtracks to the European horror films of the 60s and 70s, The Sorcerers seamlessly blen... more...

LP ATA Records: ATALP002 € 24,99
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Various Artists - Welcome To Paradise (Italian dream house 90-94) Vol. 3

Various Artists

Welcome To Paradise (Italian dream house 90-94) Vol. 3

Safe Trip is taking one final deep dive into the warm waters of Italian dream house with Welcome To Paradise Volume 3, the concluding chapter in the l... more...

2LP Safe Trip: ST003-3 € 24,99

DJ Deep - Raw Cuts Vol.1

DJ Deep

Raw Cuts Vol.1

This new serie of ''Raw cuts'' focus on a spontaneous desire to share some personal beats, sometimes, Deep such as ''Mindshift'', or more percussion a... more...

12inch Deeply Rooted House: DRH059 € 9,99

Alessandro Adriani  - Fall Elsewhere and Shatter

Alessandro Adriani

Fall Elsewhere and Shatter

Alessandro Adriani weaves a nightmarish scenario as the Mannequin man returns to Pinkman's Broken Dreams with four hardened works. Beats are shaven in... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD07 € 9,99

Stanislav Tolkachev - Right Angle EP

Stanislav Tolkachev

Right Angle EP

Tolkachev has established himself firmly on the minimal industrial techno forefront. 2019 repress comes with extra single sided 12'. more...

2x12inch Semantica: Sem065 € 15,99

Alma Construct & J.Wiltshire  - SH001

Alma Construct & J.Wiltshire


Super Hexagon is a Leeds based party and newly founded record label. Their guests have ranged from the likes of Dj Stingray to Luke Vibert and Helena... more...

12inch Super Hexagon: SH001 € 9,99

DHS - Mind Control


Mind Control

Long lost bombs by the Dimensional Holofonic Sound (aka Ben Stokes from Meat Beat Manifesto). Don't sleep. more...

12inch Underground Assault: UA1201 remind

Starcluster & Marc Almond - Silver City Ride

Starcluster & Marc Almond

Silver City Ride

*** 1 copy per customer *** New album by 1980’s legend and Soft Cell singer Marc Almond. Silver City Ride get's published on new sublabel of Private R... more...

LP Closing The Circle: CTC369.001 remind

Black Devil - Disco Club

Black Devil

Disco Club

Disco Club is a groundbreaking 1978 EP of experimental electronic disco created by Fèvre and his collaborator under their tongue-in-cheek aliases Joac... more...

LP Private Records: 369.027 € 24,99

Posatronix - Danz EP


Danz EP

Re-Release: Released in 1997, the sound of electro / techno came to a point where it had to evolve into a new and more grounded entity, keyed into fun... more...

12inch Direct Beat: DBC4W-030 € 13,49

AUX 88 - My Aux Mind (Legends Remix)

AUX 88

My Aux Mind (Legends Remix)

Cybotron and Egyptian lover remixes of this killer track my AUX 88. Also includes the Original mix which is mind bloweing with its deep and haunting b... more...

EP Direct Beat: DBC009r € 14,99