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Jared Wilson - From A Different Time

Jared Wilson

From A Different Time

Straight outta Detroit comes Jared Wilson with a brand new album for Altered Sense. From A Different Time features 8 Acid/Breakbeat tracks of the high... more...

2LP Altered Sense: AS013 € 24,99

DJ Life - Retina EP

DJ Life

Retina EP

DJ Life makes his Craigie Knowes debut with the club-focused 4 track "Retina" EP. Progressive house and techno beats laden with spiralling synths, mou... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP34 € 11,99

cerrot - iteritax



Cerrot is a Puerto Rican artist that currently resides in Barcelona. "Iteritax" is his solo debut trip after appearances on Nina Kraviz's stream-t... more...

2x12inch Trip: TRP037 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Exzakt - Essential Cuts


Essential Cuts

Presenting the Essential Cuts from the Electro Bass Veteran, Exzakt. The Monotone Boss comes with 10 cuts. Some are classics and some new. Jensen Inte... more...

2LP Monotone: MON023 € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Meetsysteem - Cr:GO (Nana Adjoa / Elias Mazian Reworks)


Cr:GO (Nana Adjoa / Elias Mazian Reworks)

Meetsysteem's 2020 album Cr:GO get's the remix and rework treatment in 2022! The incredibly talented Nana Adjoa reworked L.I.W.W.W. (Love is What t... more...

7inch Nous klaer Audio: OEMOEMENOE5RMXS1 € 10,99

Picture (AKA Central) - Metric EP

Picture (AKA Central)

Metric EP

Having proactively set the pace of the Danish scene for the past few years under many guises and just as many records for an array of premium labels,... more...

12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTER37 remind

Deniro - MPC Tracks EP


MPC Tracks EP

A sexy, groovy, sophisticated and beautifully crafted four-tracker release from one of The Netherlands' finest techno producers. It is with pride that... more...

12inch Self Reflektion: REFLEKT014 remind

Ulla - Tumbling Towards A Wall


Tumbling Towards A Wall

Immersively sensual, diaristic entries by cult US ambient avatar Ulla (aka Ulla Straus), the first release on Experiences Ltd, a new label run by Spec... more...

LP Experiences Ltd.: Ulla001 € 29,99

Caramel Chameleon  - Sugary Hills

Caramel Chameleon

Sugary Hills

Electro inspired by the artist's childhood memories of walks on green hills many years ago. While they are produced with different approaches, both fr... more...

10inch NOUN Records: NN01 € 14,49

Various Artists - Anniversary Sampler 04

Various Artists

Anniversary Sampler 04

Gestalt Records present the 4th installment of their Anniversary Sampler series, including brand new dancefloor cuts from Tywi, Route 8 and Reflex Blu... more...

12inch Gestalt Records: GST026 remind

John Beltran - The Peninsula

John Beltran

The Peninsula

When it comes to floor-filling tracks that balances smart drum programming with pure melodic bliss, you can always rely on John Beltran to deliver. Th... more...

EP NPM: NPM003 € 15,99

Rydims - Rydim #1 / #2


Rydim #1 / #2

Epic deep house production originally released in 1990 produced by Bobby Konders and Boyd Jarvis, and also featuring Peter Daou on keyboards. more...

12inch Groovin Records: GR1291 € 14,99

Kepler - RM12016



R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings welcomes Kepler to the label with 4 modern takes on the classic 90s UK tech house sound.

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12016 € 12,49

DJ Savage - Pleistocene Future 1

DJ Savage

Pleistocene Future 1

Freshly found Schiedam based label Pleistocene Future proudly presents its inaugural release containing four nothing but ultra-hefty cuts by none othe... more...

12inch Pleistocene Future: PF001 € 11,99

Qasio - Black Minerals EP (Terremoto remix)


Black Minerals EP (Terremoto remix)

Qasio's debut. A Chilean artist Based in Berlin. A mixture of dark and hypnotic club oriented sounds.

12inch SISMO: SISMO002 remind

Shlomo / Kmyle - Special 3 (Emmanuel remix)

Shlomo / Kmyle

Special 3 (Emmanuel remix)

ARTS presents an inner section of the catalog that represents a combination of different sides of records that had a great success and impact in the s... more...

12inch Arts Collective: ARTSCCVSP003 € 11,99

Various Artists - RM12015

Various Artists


R.A.N.D. Muzik Recordings welcomes the return of UK tech house pioneers, the Alien Recordings crew with tracks from A², Stopouts and the late, great A... more...

12inch Rand Muzik: RM12015 € 11,99

Roberto Auser - Touch Your Fear

Roberto Auser

Touch Your Fear

Roberto Auser delivering the very first album on Leipzigs Lunatic Records, consisting of 8 uncut gems. This record is a cybernetic machine, reaching d... more...

LP Lunatic: LUN009 € 16,99

Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren

Yasuaki Shimizu


Acclaimed saxophonist, producer and composer Yasuaki Shimizu will release Kiren, his unreleased album from 1984, on the Palto Flats record label on Fe... more...

LP Palto Flats: PF011 € 29,99

Romeo Poirier - Hotel Nota

Romeo Poirier

Hotel Nota

If you plot a line between Jon Hassell’s 'Dream Theory In Malaya' and Jan Jelinek’s 'Loop Finding Jazz Records', you’ll find this pearl lodged somewhe... more...

LP Sferic: sferic0tel-col € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

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Deniro - Mendoza



Deniro delivers a super nice fragile and deep techno album on Trip. Eight tracks of versatile techno tracks full of tension and atmosphere. Recommende... more...

2x12inch Trip: TRP016 remind

Dopplereffekt - Athanatos



Dopplereffekt present Athanatos, their forth release for Leisure System, including a stunning collaboration with Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender. Adva... more...

12inch Leisure System: LSR022 € 15,99

Dopplereffekt - Cellular Automata


Cellular Automata

Cellular Automata is the new album from Dopplereffekt (Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan), their first in ten years since 2007’s Calabi Yau Space on Rephl... more...

LP Leisure System: LSR020 € 25,99

Dopplereffekt / Objekt - Hypnagogia

Dopplereffekt / Objekt


Hypnagogia marks Dopplereffekt's second appearance on Leisure System, following the Tetrahymena EP. This time the electro outfit has contributed one t... more...

12inch Leisure System: LSR012 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena ep


Tetrahymena ep

3 Brand new sonic experiments from the Dataphysix lab! Detroit enigma Dopplereffekt has been resurrected, emerging from a grave of jagged detritus and... more...

12inch Leisure System: LSR007 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Gilbert - New Reality EP


New Reality EP

A long awaited solo debut from one of UK electronica’s most exciting names. Analogue machine funk, bleepy elegance, ambient highs and sublime melodies... more...

12inch Echocentric Records: ECR010 € 11,99

Kamazu - Indaba Kabani (Dimitri From Paris Edit) / Mjukeit


Indaba Kabani (Dimitri From Paris Edit) / Mjukeit

Kamazu's certified floorbanger gets the dope edit treatment from veteran producer, Dimitri from Paris. On the flipside you'll find the kwaito gem 'Mju... more...

12inch UNKNOWNUNKNOWN: LL004 € 10,99

Soichi Terada - Asakusa

Soichi Terada


Back in 2015, Japanese deep house pioneer Soichi Terada stepped back into the limelight courtesy of Sounds From The Far East, a Rush Hour-released, Hu... more...

2LP Rush Hour: RHM041 € 24,99

Laroze - Licence To Kill


Licence To Kill

Remember this guy? Walking through your black screen TV in a white circle, from right to left? You just know he has a gun, even though you can’t see i... more...

12inch RTCT: RTCT007 € 10,99

Andrew Wasylyk - The Paralian

Andrew Wasylyk

The Paralian

Andrew Wasylyk is the alias of Scottish writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Mitchell. In 2018, Andrew was extended a residency invite f... more...

LP Athens Of The North: AOTNLP028 € 18,99

Amandra & Karim - Sqala (Donato Dozzy, Forest Drive West & Dorisburg remixes)

Amandra & Karim

Sqala (Donato Dozzy, Forest Drive West & Dorisburg remixes)

Tikita proudly presents its first double EP in the form of Sqala. Label-curator Karim steps forward for the first time with his own productions on the... more...

2x12inch Tikita: TIKITA012 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L





Nachtdigital, in collaboration with Christian Rothe who has accompanied Nachti as a photographer for many years, has compiled a selection of countless... more...

Book Nachtdigital: NDBOOK2022 € 35,99

Record Culture Magazine - Issue 10

Record Culture Magazine

Issue 10

Record Culture Magazine is a bi-annual publication that focuses on niche music communities around the world and their intersection with the worlds of... more...

Book Record Culture Magazine: RCM010 € 19,99

Available for pre-order

Jodey Kendrick - Village of the Damn Fine

Jodey Kendrick

Village of the Damn Fine

A collection of brilliant modern electronica scores inspired by the Bedfordshire countryside by Jodey Kendrick. Some of the historical landmarks in th... more...

LP Clone - Dub Recordings: C#DUB048 € 14,99

Steffi - Yours & Mine


Yours & Mine

Re-release of Steffi's successful debut album Yours & Mine on her new imprint. The classic house album that reminds of early Detroit and Chicago track... more...


Konduku - Gelgit



Konduku returns to Nous'klaer with a two tracker on the fourth instalment of his K-series. Starting out with Gelgit; a typical Konduku poly groover wi... more...

12inch Nous klaer Audio: K4 € 11,99

/DL/MS/ - Calanhi



''Every 4,044 years comet Calanhi enters the inner solar system, returning from its long and silent voyage through the Oort cloud. As it approaches pe... more...

2LP Trust: TRUST040 € 21,99

Alavux / Gallus - Bunker 4021

Alavux / Gallus

Bunker 4021

Split release from Serbian-born, Macedonia-based Alavux on side A and The Hague's Gallus on side B, each with their own interpretation of the more har... more...

12inch Bunker: B4021 € 10,99

Rivers Area Juke Squad - Bunker 4020

Rivers Area Juke Squad

Bunker 4020

R.A.J.S. i.e. 'Rivers Area Juke Squad', though this one's this time not really from Chicago, but from The Hague/La Haia. Bouncin' and droppin' 'Juke'-... more...

12inch Bunker: B4020 € 10,99