31-05-2022: Clone.nl mailing week 20 + Sales Weekender

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Thursday May 26 until Sunday May 29, Clone is doing some spring cleaning. Come on by if you feel like digging through our crates for discounted gems while enjoying sets by various DJ's!

New this week

Tusken Raiders - Housewerk Vol 1 & 2

Tusken Raiders

Housewerk Vol 1 & 2

Michael Paradinas aka Tusken Raiders with a new album! Beautiful printed gatefold sleeve. Limited copies. more...

2LP Furthur Electronix: FE073 € 29,99

Answer Code Request - Shattering EP

Answer Code Request

Shattering EP

Delsin is pleased to welcome a true pillar of the contemporary techno scene, Answer Code Request, for his first EP in six years. As an integral pa... more...

12inch Delsin: 149DSR € 10,99

Cignol - Misaligned Logic


Misaligned Logic

Cosmic disturbances cause emotions to run free throughout the local system on Cignol's acid-laced Craigie Knowes debut. ''Misaligned Logic'' is shaped... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP32 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ghetto Brothers - Ghetto disco

Ghetto Brothers

Ghetto disco

New edition of the Clone Royal Oak 005. Blake Baxter and Orlando Voorn's classic Ghetto Brothers collaboration from 1992. Fierce and funky club-orien... more...

EP Clone Royal Oak: Royal005re € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

dynArec - Murder Is The Number


Murder Is The Number

For the next release on Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics, dynArec presents his first full EP for the label with 'Murder is The Number'. French musi... more...

12inch Cultivated Electronics: CE041 € 11,49

Human Space Machine - Substance

Human Space Machine


A new spring, a new label, a new direction. NOWHERE is closely linked to the Utrecht-bunch of Something Happening Somewhere. They kick off with the ac... more...

12inch NOWHERE: Nowhere001 € 10,99

Dr Doctor - EV 002

Dr Doctor

EV 002

Mighty fine 90's sounding electronica golden era album, for fans of early Warp, FSOL etc.. more...

LP Expanding Vision: EV002 € 14,99

Galaxian - We Are Power


We Are Power

"We Are Power", Galaxian's first album in over a decade, cuts a new path. On this Foul-Up and Shipwrec joint release, Kastner presents a rumination on... more...

2LP Shipwrec x Foul-Up: SHIPLP09/DOWN6 € 24,99

Jensen Interceptor x DeFeKT - Free Your Mind
12inch Tresor: Tresor335 remind

Eris Drew - Quivering In Time

Eris Drew

Quivering In Time

“Quivering in Time” is the debut album by DJ and producer Eris Drew on T4T LUV NRG, the label she runs with partner Octo Octa. In 2020, after the rele... more...

2LP T4T LUV NRG: T4T006 € 26,99

Orlando Voorn - So Deep

Orlando Voorn

So Deep

Orlando Voorn has been a force in dance music like few others, recording under a trove of aliases like Fix, Frequency and Format. “So Deep” varies fro... more...

12inch Kompakt: KOMPAKT448 remind

Lowtec - Old Economy


Old Economy

Captivating, cinematic, side-long Electronica & leftfield House extravaganza more...

LP Workshop: WorkshopXXIII (38326) € 21,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kerri Chandler - Trionisphere EP Part 1

Kerri Chandler

Trionisphere EP Part 1

Legit vinyl re issue of Kerri Chandlers 1996's seminal 'Trionisphere EP Part 1' on NYC's King Street Sounds.

12inch King Street Sounds: KSS1046WHITE remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Radio Hell - This is Radio Hell

Radio Hell

This is Radio Hell

DJ Hell and Radio Slave are Radio Hell for REKIDS200. Celebrating the label’s landmark release, the two legendary producers’ team up for a massive two... more...

12inch REKIDS: Rekids200 remind

Bjarki, Kuldaboli, Krokodile - Clubs Are Closed Vol.1
12inch Bbbbbb: BBB019 remind

Eze-Ozo - How To Stay Alive


How To Stay Alive

Eze-Ozo's 'How To Stay Alive' is a bonafide bass 'n' bleeps classic that has topped wants lists for decades. Originally released in 1991, this groundb... more...

12inch Mint Condition: MC053 € 12,99

Ejeca -      Keep Climbing EP


Keep Climbing EP

House and techno purveyor Ejeca delivers with a high-octane release, ‘Keep Climbing EP’ on Needwant Records, which celebrates 100 releases. The four-t... more...

12inch Needwant: NeedW100 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Calibre & High Contrast - Mr Majestic

Calibre & High Contrast

Mr Majestic

*Repress* These evergreens from liquid DnB legend Calibre are true timeless pieces of music. Big Liquid DNB hit bitd, and still played in vinyl sets t... more...

12inch Signature records: SIG007RP remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lawrence - Birds On The Dancefloor


Birds On The Dancefloor

Dancefloor edits of Lawrence’s latest conceptual album “Birds On The Playground” which was made for Mule Musiq’s listening bar “Studio Mule” in Tokyo.... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule276 remind

CRAVO - Hits



Hits EP evokes the renaissance of tribalistic Techno music from the early and mid90s. A classy, pacey, and sophisticated sound work that blends rich m... more...

12inch Hayes: HYSEP36 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Back in stock

Liaisons Dangereuses - Liaisons Dangereuses

Liaisons Dangereuses

Liaisons Dangereuses

One of the most important electronic albums of all time now in the rebound. Cloaked in mystery, Liaisons Dangereuses had an unusually powerful and all... more...

LP Soul Sherrif: SSLP06 remind

Random XS - Give Your Body

Random XS

Give Your Body

Delsin turns to this classic from 1992 EP by Random XS. Originally released by Saskia Sleger's legendary Djax-Up Beats-label. This re-release features... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/X15 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Overmono - Diamond Cut / BBY


Diamond Cut / BBY

Over the course of the pandemic Overmono have undoubtedly risen to become the most sought-after dance act of 2021. Shows at festivals like Greenman, W... more...

12inch XL Recordings: XL1198T remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Robert Hood - Internal Empire

Robert Hood

Internal Empire

Originally released in 1994, Tresor Records is proud to announce the reissue of Robert Hood’s ''Internal Empire''. A masterwork, then and now. ''Inter... more...

2x12inch Tresor: Tresor027LP € 28,99

Jack Smooth - PH Scales 4

Jack Smooth

PH Scales 4

Part 4 of the PH Scales series from UK 90's mastermind Ron Wells. Here under his Jack Smooth alias. Mighty fine timeless acidic tracks

12inch Furthur Electronix: FE060 € 12,99

Chez Damier - Untitled

Chez Damier


Timely legit re issue of this 1993 classic by Chez Damier. Originally released in 1993 on Kevin Saunderson's K Limited vinyl pressing. Re mastered.... more...

12inch KMS: KMS049re remind

Chez-N Trent - The Choice

Chez-N Trent

The Choice

Another gem from the KMS vaults. This time Chez Damier & Ron Trent's 'The Choice' is fully re issued with the original artwork.

12inch KMS: KMS051ORANGE remind

Deniro - MPC Tracks EP


MPC Tracks EP

A sexy, groovy, sophisticated and beautifully crafted four-tracker release from one of The Netherlands' finest techno producers. It is with pride that... more...

12inch Self Reflektion: REFLEKT014RP € 12,99

Available for pre-order

Steffi - Yours & Mine


Yours & Mine

Re-release of Steffi's successful debut album Yours & Mine on her new imprint. The classic house album that reminds of early Detroit and Chicago track... more...


Alavux / Gallus - Bunker 4021

Alavux / Gallus

Bunker 4021

Split release from Serbian-born, Macedonia-based Alavux on side A and The Hague's Gallus on side B, each with their own interpretation of the more har... more...

12inch Bunker: B4021 € 10,99

Transpac - Electro Transmissions 015 - Radiocom


Electro Transmissions 015 - Radiocom

Transpac with another album full of dreaming sequences and analog machinery that keeps the essential spirit of electro music intact. more...

EP Electro Records: ER028-ET015 € 14,99

Noamm - Electro Transmissions 011 - Robophilia


Electro Transmissions 011 - Robophilia

Noamm, the darkest entity on Planet Earth delivers an extraordinary album full of analog sequences and surgical drums. Haunting electro at its best! W... more...

LP Electro Records: ER024-ET011 € 14,99

Beyun - Spectral Calibration EP


Spectral Calibration EP

Rotterdam-based Beyun returns to Vault Wax with four deep cuts of Detroit-meets-UK influenced breaks and electro with lush pads, emotive strings, and... more...

12inch Vault Wax: VWX005 € 10,99