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Rss B0ys


Strange music from Poland.

2xCD Mik.Musik.!: MM! remind

Aris 1201 - 5 Track EP

Aris 1201

5 Track EP

Limited vinyl edition of 50 stamped copies from obscure young genevan producer providing 5 tracks of discerning raw beats for the dance floor.

12inch R2L: R2L01 remind

Type-303 - I Love Acid Fourteen


I Love Acid Fourteen

Hailing from Finland, this is Type-303’s vinyl debut. Lush sun-drenched analogue acid rave. Spatial Awareness on remix duty. No fucking about. Hand-st... more...

12inch I Love Acid: ILA014 remind

BinarySystem01 - Quantum Theory EP


Quantum Theory EP

E8 and Wavemechanic are coming together as BinarySystem01 to bring you this slice of analogue electro. This 4-tracker consists of chopped up grooves b... more...

12inch Undersound: USR007 remind

K100 Signal - Following / Implosion

K100 Signal

Following / Implosion

Two dark, adventurous and intense mid tempo mind benders by the mysterious producer K100 SIGNAL.

12inch Echovolt: EVR026 remind

CEM3340 - Perfect Stranger LP
12inch Lunar Orbiter Program: LOP05 remind

Dj6000  - 5999 EP


5999 EP

Another alias of a well-known electronic artist.

12inch Omega Capricorni: Omega002 remind

2000 Black - Sunday Avuncular

2000 Black

Sunday Avuncular

The 2000black collective return to bring their very own brand of boogie,funk & jazz. Production from Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah & dego evolves into the... more...

12inch 2000 black: 2000 Black 2043 remind

Kap10kurt - Die Sleeping


Die Sleeping

Electroclash disco thing with 3 versions…

12inch Memory Boy: Memory Boy 003 remind

808 state - 90

808 state


album incl Pacific state

12inch Ztt: Ztt remind

Autobot-1000 vs. Dj Dijital - Bass Programmers ep

Autobot-1000 vs. Dj Dijital

Bass Programmers ep

Detroit electro technobass to more Egyptian Lover like electro tracks on this 4 track release..

EP Twilight 76: TL022us remind

Model 500 - Make Some Noise / Sound Of Stereo

Model 500

Make Some Noise / Sound Of Stereo

Classic electro / techno tracks from 1987 by Juan Atkins.. MUST HAVE!! Comes in original blue Macola sleeve with small Macola logo on label. Near mint... more...

12inch Metroplex: M008us/MRC-0997 remind

Dj 3000 - Redline ep

Dj 3000

Redline ep

Raw electro-techno with cool haunting voice samples.. 3 track release.. BIG TIP!!!

12inch Motech: MT002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

3000 Magazine - CD Magazine issue #1

3000 Magazine

CD Magazine issue #1

The Source for Innercity Technology, Music and Culture.. Interview with Mr. De + Jeff Mills, James Pennington, Lauret Garnier and Hi-Tech Funk..

DVD 3000 Magazine: 3000 Magazine #1 remind

Model 500 - The True Techno ep

Model 500

The True Techno ep

Great classic techno/electro by Juan Atkins. Track list: The Passage, Mind Changes, Vessels In Distress (Prelude). Sealed copy!

12inch Network: Network remind

Model 500 / Mayday - Strings of life / Off to Battle / Kaos

Model 500 / Mayday

Strings of life / Off to Battle / Kaos

Exclusive mixes of some Detroit classics by Juan Atkins & Derrick May. Original copy, sealed!

12inch Jack trax: 12JTRAX11 remind

Inzec 001 - Alphatronic

Inzec 001


File under Rephlex school, very nice electronical tunes,limited to 300 world wide(sublabel of Axodya).

12inch Alpha ep: Alpha ep remind

Inzec 002 - Roastbeef

Inzec 002


Experimental noisy and minimal atmospherical tracks,sounds bit as older Unit moebius records!!!!

12inch Beautycase Records: Beautycase ep remind

Inzec 003 - Andre estermann

Inzec 003

Andre estermann

Melodic and abstract tracks by this M.A.S. artist,cool stuff!

12inch Simstim ep: Simstim ep remind

Martian 044 - Dream dancing

Martian 044

Dream dancing

The Hi-tech funk quality stamp is right on the spot with this one, funky electro, techno as we like it!

12inch Red Planet: RP009 remind

Din 01/dyn1 - Dynamo

Din 01/dyn1


Minimal groovin industrial tracks(chain reaction umwelt)

12inch :aufenthalt: :aufenthalt remind

Din 02/dyn2 - Dynamo

Din 02/dyn2


Atmospheric minimal dubby tracks with a cool groove init. from the Chain reaction posse!

12inch :Ausen vor/voraus: :Ausen vor/voraus remind

Dj T 1000 - Minimal science

Dj T 1000

Minimal science

Good techno by Alan Oldham

12inch Pure sonik: Pure sonik remind

Dj T1000 - A pure sonik evening

Dj T1000

A pure sonik evening

Alan Oldham's album with pumping minimal techno ,pure sonik madness

12inch Pure sonik: Pure sonik remind

Mas 2008 - Mad in germany

Mas 2008

Mad in germany

Rocking electro on dj godfathers label

12inch Twilight 76: TL010us remind

Model 500 - The Chase

Model 500

The Chase

Repress! Great techno 12'' with mixes by Derrick May and Juan Atkins. Another must have!

12inch Metroplex: M014 remind

Mas 2008 - Contaminated material

Mas 2008

Contaminated material

German Mas 2008 with a strong Detroit (read Model 500) influenced ep. uptempo harder electro tracks

12inch Twilight 76: TL015us remind

Model 500 - Ocean to Ocean

Model 500

Ocean to Ocean

Collectors item... On the flip side the very inspiring tracks"Sublime ambient"and "Silence" (One sided)

12inch Kool kat promo: Kool kat promo remind

09 - Tacklebox



Crazy obscure noisy electronics straight from the Everglades. Incl. Otto von Schirach (Schematic) remix.

12inch Must!delicious: Must!delicious 001 remind

Kid606/Com.a - Shimmyshimmy606/Digital_ass_mix



Obscure IDM reworks of wellknown hiphop tracks. Limited 7"

12inch Tigerbeat: Tigerbeat6 - $ vol.1 remind

Adult ft Carl Craig / Mat 101 - Hand To Phone Remixes

Adult ft Carl Craig / Mat 101

Hand To Phone Remixes

Cult classic ''Hand to phone'' with an incredible straight going Carl Craig mix and a very funky wave mix by Mat 101 and a disco-ish bonus instrumenta... more...

12inch Clone: C#20 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

10 speed - Tour de France

10 speed

Tour de France

Rare 'Tour de France' cover from 1988 and 2 other rare covers...

12inch Unidisc: Unidisc 1384 remind

Adult feat. I-f, PSS 2099 and Carl Craig - Hand to Phone

Adult feat. I-f, PSS 2099 and Carl Craig

Hand to Phone

Limited remix ep!!! Featuring another CC mix and reworks by I-f and Marco Passarani. Incl. 1 unreleased Adult track...

12inch Clone X: Cx004 remind

X - 103 - Tephra EP

X - 103

Tephra EP

Tephra remixed, updated and stripped down by Robert Hood in a spectecular minimal fashion and the techno danceanthem Hagia Triada on this EP.

12inch Axis: AX013 remind

Model 500 - Night Drive / Time Space Transmat

Model 500

Night Drive / Time Space Transmat

Repress! Classic Juan Atkins electro tracks from 1985 and still stunning. On the flip the D-mix from NO UFO'S.. Must have!!

12inch Metroplex: M002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Model 600 - Update

Model 600


Great technobass track by Juan Atkins including a dope Underground Resistance mix. White label copy with infosticker, mint.

12inch Metroplex: M015us remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dj 3000 - Drume EP

Dj 3000

Drume EP

Minimal hi-tech funk from the motor city. Serious stuff!

12inch Motech: MT003 remind

011 (Suburban Knight) - Nocturbulous Behavior (The Mix)

011 (Suburban Knight)

Nocturbulous Behavior (The Mix)

Dark Detroit technomix with a lot of older UR and Red Planet tracks. Good stuff!!

CD Submerge: SUBCD3003-2 remind

DJ 3000 - Electric Soul (Mix)

DJ 3000

Electric Soul (Mix)

Very funky mix with lots of new and unreleased tracks!!

CD Submerge: Sub3004CD2 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

X-103 - Thera EP


Thera EP

Exclusive & selected tracks from the legendary X-103 LP on Tresor! more...

12inch Axis: Ax005/103 remind

PSS 2099 - So-Nax 072

PSS 2099

So-Nax 072

10'' by Marco Passarani, AFX influenced tracks. From hard to beautiful. Dope!

10inch Inter-fered: Interr-Fered Communications HM 1204 remind

Sluts&strings&909 - Carrera rmxd


Carrera rmxd

Funky remakes of the cool double pack ranging from Trip hop to more electronical stuff,various artists

12inch Cheap: Cheap 26 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

LL 001 - -

LL 001


Pacou and Maurizio as the rumours say!?, BC. influenced techno with the nice funky minimal sounds and pumpin percussion. Limited to 300!

12inch LL: LL 001 remind

Mat 101 - Goblin 101

Mat 101

Goblin 101

Great 10'' with a poppy vocal electro/wave track and a cool techno electro track wich is allready a big favorite by many.

12inch Balance: Balance 1 remind

Sluts &strings and 909 - Carrera rmx

Sluts &strings and 909

Carrera rmx

Rmxs of the great Carrera ep by Dj Hell, dj Elin and others- ranging from funky electro to more experimental electro /trip hop/funky shit- nice 12"!!

12inch Cheap: Cheap remind

Passarani 2099 - Ancient technology

Passarani 2099

Ancient technology

Marco Passarani with a 4 track ep. Complex rhythms and warm melodies. Bit Blackdog stylea

12inch Nature: Nature 2113 remind

808 state - Pacific state

808 state

Pacific state

3 mixes of pacific state +bonus track

12inch Ztt: Ztt remind