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Acid Mondays - Salvia Sessions EP

Acid Mondays

Salvia Sessions EP

Illusion007 has a licence to kill, coming courtesy of Illusion Family members Acid Mondays with a stunning remix at the hands of Detroit legend Delan... more...

12inch Illusion Recordings: ILL007 remind

Acid Mondays - Hoffman's Bumbag

Acid Mondays

Hoffman's Bumbag

Contemporary Scarecrow continue with a four track EP from the Acid Mondays with ‘Hoffmans Bumbag EP’. Before Albert Hoffman, inventor of LSD, embarked... more...

12inch Contemporary Scarecrow: CSAM001 remind

Acid Mondays - Universal Rhythm

Acid Mondays

Universal Rhythm

Strong one!! - Temples’ reconciles his love of heavy breakbeats with the nagging euphoric melodies, tracer thin synth lines and angular bass for which... more...

12inch R&S: RS1801 € 9,99