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Adesse Versions - Pressured

Adesse Versions


Make Love In Public Spaces is a new but not so mysterious offshoot of a label which will be familiar to anyone who has been to a certain erotically ch... more...

12inch Make Love In Public Spaces: Lips01 remind

Adesse Versions - Ghost Dub

Adesse Versions

Ghost Dub

Cheeky edits by Adesse versions. The two versions of the former's tearjerker ''Ghosts'' stick to the feel of the original, turning them into moody, at... more...

12inch Adesse Versions: ADV003 remind

Adesse Versions - Wash My Soul Ep

Adesse Versions

Wash My Soul Ep

Adesse is making his Local Talk debut with the 'Wash My Soul EP', three premium cuts of dance floor energy in the most delightful of ways. The titl... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT063 remind

Adesse Versions - Thats What Friends Are For

Adesse Versions

Thats What Friends Are For

Thats What Friends Are For once again shows how much drama Adesse can build into a track. Think back to those twelves from the dons of dancefloor tens... more...

12inch Numbers: NMBRS45 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Adesse - Untitled Love


Untitled Love

Killer house tune by Adesse. Fierce forward going no-nonsense track with an addictive open 909 hi-hat.

12inch Prime Numbers: PN20 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Adesse - Adesse Versions


Adesse Versions

Adesse went with Versions to describe his steppin' reboot of three 90s dance music classics. But to perhaps, Covers might work even better: despite bi... more...

12inch Adesse Versions: Adesse001 € 6,49

Adesse Versions - Edits From The Tribe

Adesse Versions

Edits From The Tribe

The third release from the mysterious ‘Edits From’ Series The first release from an artist only known as ‘junior’ was an instant sell out, now comman... more...

12inch Edits From: EF003 € 12,99

Adesse Versions - Pride

Adesse Versions


The simplicity of the elements is the strength here - the creeping discord of the piano, the slow sub rolls, the sheer power of the vocal - baked toge... more...

12inch Numbers: NMBRS036 € 9,99