Artist: Aera - All

Till Von Sein & Aera - Deeds/ John Tejada Rmx

Till Von Sein & Aera

Deeds/ John Tejada Rmx

Nice jacking house tracks driven by basslines.. something we don't hear enough. Ranging from straight up jacking to more melodic deep house grooves. I... more...

12inch Trenton: Trenton018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aera - Infinite Space Ep


Infinite Space Ep

Excellent fresh slower paced House tracks that have a bit of early electronica feel in it... think Andrea Vollenweider, Manuel Gottsching. Kinda Balea... more...

12inch Aleph: Aleph01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aera - Continental Drift


Continental Drift

We liked Aleph 1, but we love Aleph 2! Exciting forward thinking house tracks by Area with some dubstep influences. Check!

12inch Aleph: Aleph02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aera - The Third Wave


The Third Wave

Third release by Aera on the Aleph label, probably best described quoting David Lynch: ''When an idea first comes to you, it has an intrinsic power. Y... more...

12inch Aleph: Aleph03 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Marc Schneider & Aera - Taylor & Smith, Aera Rmx

Marc Schneider & Aera

Taylor & Smith, Aera Rmx

Berlin resident Marc Schneider with some tight modern house tracks on the nice Circus Company label. Worth the check!

12inch Circus Company: CCS062 remind

Aera - The Remixes


The Remixes

Fashionable remixes on tracks of the first three Aleph-releases, by Mano Le Tough, Wasted Gaze and Area aka M50 from Chicago.

12inch Aleph: Aleph04 remind

Aera - Silver & Black ep


Silver & Black ep

Mutating at the unusual speed of 149 BPM, “Chevere” is an ever changing, sizzling beast of a track with snakelike twist and turns, thunderous drums an... more...

12inch Aleph: Aleph05 remind

Aera - Offseason Traveller


Offseason Traveller

Aera is now excited to present his debut album, Offseason Traveller. It is a personal notebook of his voyage of discovery to the vast landscapes of Pe... more...

2LP + Download Aleph: Aleph001lp remind

Aera - Running Hot EP


Running Hot EP

Aeras debut on Dixon and Ames Innervisions! Comes with two remixes by Steve Rachmad. more...

2x12inch Innervisions: IV64 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Aera - Two Planets EP


Two Planets EP

After a quick 4 years hiatus, filled with releases on Innervisions, Maeve and a couple of remixes, Aera is finally back on his own Aleph Music imprint... more...

12inch Aleph: Aleph06 remind

Aera - EP



Ralf Schmidt has always been a nomadic soul. A spirit that reflects into his expansive take on house music. Yet, his first installment for Hivern migh... more...

12inch Hivern Discs: HVN038 € 9,99

Aera - Prana



From his Innervisions debut four years ago, Aera’s productions have only become more complex and melodically inspired. With a title that speaks to the... more...

12inch Innervisions: IV93 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L