Artist: Aleks - All

Aleks - Low Definitions EP


Low Definitions EP

Built around degraded tape static, distortion peddles, analogue gear and phantom sounds, Alek's debut E.P on Natural Sciences is a kaleidoscopic journ... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural01 remind

Aleks - Frame of Reference


Frame of Reference

Dusty tape sounds, ambient dreamscapes, outsider techno on this debut album from Aleks on Shimmering Moods Records. ''Deep vibrations and undulatin... more...

2xCD Shimmering Moods Records: SHMCD013 € 19,99

Aleks - Different Stories


Different Stories

Aleks has returned with his second release for Hesperian Sound Division. Different Stories features a selection of works concentrated in the intersect... more...

12inch Hesperiaan Sound Division: HESP002 remind

Aleks - Smalltalk



The first release of the new Deeptrax label from The Netherlands is by Aleks. A mystic four tracker with deep and gritty grooves moving in between the... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX001 remind

Aleks - Future Dialect EP


Future Dialect EP

Limited run of deep-ocean expeditions with the latest release by Dutch mystery producer Aleks.

12inch Helena: HLN003 remind

Aleks - No More


No More

Aleks from Amsterdam/ Haarlem is hitting the new 4 track EP on Deeptrax with dope 909 patterns, bubblin deep inverted 303 basslines, electrical resona... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX008 remind

Aleks - Pool Daze


Pool Daze

From ambient submersions to Detroitian techno and sharp edged 303 resonance that skirts the divide between jacking club material and emotional content... more...

2LP Organic Analogue Records: OA005 € 22,99

Aleks - Ground Control


Ground Control

Sci-Fi house ep named "ground control" on Deeptrax records. Heavenly septic breaks over big analogue rhythms, starting with the trippy rave vocals ove... more...

12inch Deeptrax: DPTX014 € 11,99

Aleks - From Space with Love


From Space with Love

After 3 years of silence around Earth based producer Aleks, he makes his return with an outspoken ambient journey through thick atmospheres and time-b... more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Lonely Planets Records: LONELY005 € 13,49