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Alessandro Alessandroni

Ritmo Dell'industria N.2

Alessandro Alessandroni is mostly known for his unmistakable whistle in Ennio Morricone’s soundtracks composed for Sergio Leone’s westerns but, in a w... more...

LP BTF: VMLP231 remind

Alessandro Alessandroni

L'Altro Dio

We've rarely listened to anything funkier by Alessandroni, walking the line between disco and jazz-funk. Taken from the soundtrack to an obscure 1975... more...

7inch Four Flies Records: FLIES4552 remind
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Alessandro Cordoba

Green Eye EP

A blend of both deep and hard acid-oriented dancefloor bangers on this diverse four tracker produced Unknown Artists. A must have for every self-respe... more...

12inch Zodiak Commune Records: ZC031 € 12,99
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Alessandro Alessandroni

Storie Di Guerra

Ominous drums, obscure cellos, fuzzy and distorted guitars, psychedelic piano sequences: legendary Italian composer Alessandro Alessandroni creates a... more...

LP Holy Basil Records: HBR-011 € 29,99

Alessandro Adriani

Rapid Eye EP

Alessandro Adriani lands on L.I.E.S. with a new four track ep of his melodic and driving signature italo-ebm-electro fusion.

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Rino De Filippi, Alessandro Alessandroni


First ever reissue of another Italian Library holy grail, fruit of the union between two of the most brilliant composers of Italian panorama: Alessand... more...

LP Sonor Music Editions: SME77 remind

Alessandro Adriani

Program & Rhythm

Alessandro Adriani marks his comeback on his own Mannequin Records with an impressive body of work on this 2xLP 'Program & Rhythm', inspired by the It... more...

2LP Mannequin records: MNQ151 € 25,99

Alessandro Crimi

Moonward EP

Dub Techno producer Alessandro Crimi already going strong for over 20 years from his headquarters in Baden, Switzerland strikes on Stately.

12inch Stately Records: STLR003 € 12,99

Alessandro Alessandroni

Shine On / Prohibition

Two tracks by Alessandroni with a strong soul-funk influence, sung by the Maestro's beloved Cantori Moderni in a typically Italian harmonizing style,... more...

7inch Four Flies Records: FLIES4531 € 20,49

Alessandro Adriani & Cosimo Damiano


Italian dark electronics aficionados Alessandro Adriani and Cosimo Damiano come together for a debut collaborative EP on Pinkman. Belonging to differe... more...

12inch Pinkman: PNKMN038 remind

Cellophane (Alessandro Novaga)

Music Colours

Cellophane was a cult project from Alessandro Novaga, an Italo producer who created tracks with a huge influence on the development of Chicago house.... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X066 remind

Alessandro Parisi

Ascensione Progressiva

We embark on an exploratory voyage into the realms of (un)consciousness with these frequencies and vibrations of Italian producer Alessandro Parisi. L... more...

2LP Medical Records: MR-086 € 22,99

Alessandro Alessandroni

Open Air Parade

Alessandro Alessandroni's definitive holy grail ''Open Air Parade'' is finally get reissued. A long-awaited masterpiece and sought-after gem by record... more...

LP Sonor Music Editions: SME62 remind

Alessandro Alessandroni


Maybe the best Alessandroni’s album ever. A true holy-grail for any collector and worldwide music lover, which we can consider nowadays as the most so... more...

LP Four Flies Records: FLIES041 € 33,49

Alessandro Alessandroni

Alessandro Alessandroni (Butterfly)

Also known as ''The Butterfly'', this is one of the rarest of Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni. Released in a mere run of 500 copies in 1971 on the sma... more...

LP Cometa Edizioni Musicali: SR-ST 132 remind

Alessandro Alessandroni Orchestra

A Trip Around The World

Alessandroni at his finest. Exceptional Italian Library smoothness from the maestro. Re-press on green vinyl. more...

LP Stella Records: LPS6130 € 29,99

Alessandro Alessandroni

Prisma Sonoro

Undoubtedly one of the central figures of 1960s/70s Italian film music, Alessandro Alessandroni defined the very essence of the genre with his vocal g... more...

LP Roundtable: ROMA112LP remind

Alessandro Adriani

Montagne Trasparenti

Originally released in 2016, 'Montagne Trasparenti' is now repressed on Mannequin Records with a full new graphic design. The album was recorded betwe... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ123 remind

Alessandro Adriani

Fuoco (Silent Servant remix)

Brand new extended (almost 9 min!) version of 'Fuoco', probably the most acclaimed track out of 'Montagne Trasparenti' LP, freshly repressed on Manneq... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ119 remind

Alessandro Alessandroni

Background Disco

Just say Background Disco and you’re quickly reminded of the super-groovy sound that pervaded certain sequences of 1970’s Italian films, generally set... more...

12inch Four Flies Records: FLIESDJ003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Alessandro Alessandroni

Romance And Drama (OST)

First reissue of this essential LP by Italian pioneer and Ennio Morricone cohort Alessandro Alessandroni. Originaly released on Munich based experimen... more...

LP Transversales Disques: TRS003 remind

Alessandro Alessandroni

Lost and Found

Four Flies Records keep on researching Alessandro Alessandroni’s limitless archive, compiling this time an LP of tracks composed between 1972-1978. Al... more...

LP + CD Four Flies Records: FLIES028 remind

Alessandro Alessandroni

La Terrificante Notte Del Demonio (Devils Nightmare)

Directed By Patrice Romme, THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE Was An Italian-Belgian Production And Featured Main Performers Jean Servais Alongside A Sensual Erika... more...

LP Cinedelic: CNST708 € 29,99

Alessandro Alessandroni

Fischio Amore Mio

What would it be “A Fistful of Dollars” without the Alessandro Alessandroni’s whistle? Alessandroni - not accidentally nicknamed by Fellini “il fisch... more...

LP Dagored: RED311 remind