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Asusu / Furesshu - Togetherness / Horizons (Asusu remix)

Asusu / Furesshu

Togetherness / Horizons (Asusu remix)

Great dubstep tracks that suits in a house set as well. The A side of this single comes in the shape of 'Togetherness' a brand new recording from Asus... more...

12inch Immerse: Ime017 remind

Asusu - Small Hours / Taurean


Small Hours / Taurean

New label focusing on new breed techno and dubstep. This first release is a killer hybrid between detroit influenced techno with Dubstep orientated rh... more...

12inch Project Squared: PSQ001 remind

Asusu - Nu Kya (F remix)


Nu Kya (F remix)

The fourth release on the Project Squared label!. Asusu returns with No Kya, a 144bpm track of introspective, impeccable sound design, a tightly contr... more...

12inch Project Squared: PSQ004 remind

Asusu - Sister / Too Much Time Has Passed


Sister / Too Much Time Has Passed

Hand stamped second release on Peverelist’s Livity Sound label. Some nice forward thinking House music. Vinyl only. Check!

12inch Livity Sound: Livity002 remind

Asusu - Velez / Rendering


Velez / Rendering

Livity Sound is the label and live project combining the talents of the Bristol trio of Peverelist, Kowton & Asusu with a mandate to explore the edges... more...

12inch Livity Sound: Livity006 remind

Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton - Surge Remixes

Pev & Asusu / Pev & Kowton

Surge Remixes

The Livity Sound label announce a new series remixes of tracks from their acclaimed 2013 self titled compilation. The first 12″ will be release... more...

12inch Livity Sound: Livity009 remind

Asusu  - A Made Up Sound Remixes


A Made Up Sound Remixes

The second remix 12'' from the 2013's Livity Sound compilation features two remixes of Asusu's Velez by A Made Up Sound. Highly recommended.

12inch Livity Sound: Livity010 remind

Asusu - Serra ep


Serra ep

Impasse is a new label headed by Asusu, best known for his work as one third of the trio Livity Sound. The first release pairs the shattered grooves... more...

12inch Impasse: Impasse001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Pev & Kowton / Asusu - Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) / Sister (Nick Hoppner Remix)

Pev & Kowton / Asusu

Raw Code (Surgeon Remix) / Sister (Nick Hoppner Remix)

The fourth remix 12'' from last years Livity Sound compilation features remixes by UK Techno legend Surgeon and Ostgut Ton founder and Panorama Bar re... more...

12inch Livity Sound: Livity012 remind

Asusu - Trephine



Asusu gathers three imposing new tracks for the second release on his newly minted label, Impasse. Impasse debuted early in 2015 with a four track EP... more...

12inch Impasse: Impasse002 remind

Asusu - Hallucinator / Sendak


Hallucinator / Sendak

Livity Sound present the long awaited return of Asusu. Two unique and finely tuned mesmeric club tracks upholding Asusu's reputation as a unique voice... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY020 remind

Pev & Asusu - Surge / Remnants

Pev & Asusu

Surge / Remnants

Surge' / 'Remnants' is the second of two new Livity Sound 12''s to be unleashed in the run up to the release of the Livity Sound double CD compilation... more...

12inch Livity Sound: Livity008 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L