Artist: BNJMN - All

BNJMN - Hypnagogia Remixed


Hypnagogia Remixed

BNJMN's album Hypnagogia gets the remix treatment. The Berlin based Brit is a common name seen on Delsin since 2014. Here he invites four of his favou... more...

12inch Delsin: 131DSR/RMX remind

Bnjmn - Unknown 2


Unknown 2

Limited white label action with hot new BNJMN tracks!

12inch Rush Hour: RHBNJMN2 remind

Bnjmn - Plastic World


Plastic World

Debut release of a young producer from the UK, BNJMN with some adventurous electronic sound somehow a hybrid between house and modern electronica and... more...

2x12inch Rush Hour Direct Current: RHDC7 remind

Bnjmn - Nightvision (Andy Stott rmx)


Nightvision (Andy Stott rmx)

Release no2 on Stolen Kisses, this time from BNJMN, one of the promising new UK artists. With nimble synth melodies that leap over burbling sub-bass w... more...

12inch Stolen Kisses: Kiss1102 remind

Bnjmn - Black Square


Black Square

After debuting earlier this year with 'Plastic World' album, BNJMN returns with his second long player 'Black Square'. Nice adventurous electronica fr... more...

LP Rush Hour Direct Current: RHDC10 remind

Bnjmn - Hummingbird



BNJMN pops up with another splendid and relevant EP.. featuring a remix from the Legowelt / Xosar combo, Xamiga.

12inch Rush Hour: RHM005 remind

Bnjmn - Brack



Following a string of excellent releases for the likes of Rush Hour and Delsin, the Berlin-based British producer has launched his own imprint. Its in... more...

12inch Brack: Brack001 remind

BNJMN - Final Network EP


Final Network EP

Since its launch in 2013, Bright Sounds has established itself as a label bridging the gap between the dancefloor and more experimental sounds, releas... more...

12inch Bright Sounds: BSRX011 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

BNJMN - Sensei EP


Sensei EP

BNJMN returns to Bright Sounds with Sensei; following on from the foundations laid by his ''Final Network'' EP released in the spring of 2018 he again... more...

12inch Bright Sounds: BSRX013 remind

Bnjmn - Amygdala



Berlin based Brit BNJMN returns to his regular label home of Delsin with a brand new mini-album of experimental cuts that continue his journey into ev... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/E7 € 8,99

Bnjmn - Droid EP


Droid EP

Delsin's dance floor focussed Inertia series taps up Berlin based producer BNJMN for his Droid EP. It's a whirring fusion of wild synths and thumping... more...

12inch Delsin: Inertia06 € 8,99

Bnjmn - Counterchange



Bnjmn delivering 90's industrial techno, lo-fi ambience and post-club psychedelia.

12inch Counterchange: Counter008 € 10,99

BNJMN - Body Reflections Pt.2


Body Reflections Pt.2

BNJMN presents Body Reflections Pt.2 - the second step in his new, subdued and intricate sonic direction. The highly textured ambient dance music that... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor297 € 9,99

BNJMN - Hypnagogia



After making his debut on the label in 2014, Berlin based Brit BNJMN returns to Delsin to release his latest artist album, Hypnagogia. This album com... more...

2LP Delsin: 131DSR € 18,49

Bnjmn - Skur ep


Skur ep

Dutch powerhouse Creme Organization started a brand new label entitled Jericho One. The man behind the first EP is Berlin based Brit BNJMN, who has re... more...

12inch Jericho One: J101 € 8,99

Bnjmn - Coil



After making waves with early and idiosyncratic EPs on labels like Rush Hour and Astro:Dynamics, singular UK talent BNJMN now steps up to make his deb... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/E5 € 8,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L