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Bjarki - Arthur and the Intergalactic Whales


Arthur and the Intergalactic Whales

Big main room techno banger by Bjarki with catchy Dj Deeon sample. Flip side is a dreamy track.

12inch Trip: TRP003 € 11,99

Bjarki - Oli Gumm


Oli Gumm

Bjarki returns to Trip with another EP brandishing five restructured doses of IDM from another galaxy. Using marching kick drums as a basis, oli gumm... more...

12inch Trip: TRP021 € 9,99

Bjarki  - This 5321


This 5321

Five track EP with mangled percussion, disorienting voices, unravelling textural layers, sub aquatic bass frequencies and intense melodies.

12inch Trip: TRP015 € 11,99

Bjarki - AE



Versatile alum with a collection of deeper advanced 90's inspired emotive techno to more playful energetic techno. more...

3LP Trip: TRP010 remind

Bjarki - B



A random collection of 90's rave and basement acid inspired tracks with loads of sample action going on and early ''IDM'' vibes. more...

3LP Trip: TRP007 remind

VTSS / Bjarki - Chanting from a Tiny Book

VTSS / Bjarki

Chanting from a Tiny Book

Hellcat industries is the latest scheme from the forever audacious bbbbbb family, focusing on cheeky dance floor bangers channelling the fun 90s not-s... more...

12inch Hellcat: H311CAT02 remind

Bjarki + Nina Kraviz - Trip ADE 2017 PT 2
12inch Trip: TRPADE2017PT2 remind

Bjarki, Kuldaboli, Krokodile - Clubs Are Closed Vol.1
12inch Bbbbbb: bbb019 remind