Artist: Bottin, Francisco & Fernando - All

Bottin presents

Artifact 19 - Dulce De Luna/Volver Al Campo

Bottin brings us this juicy Artifact 4-tracker in super-limited-quantities. Dulce De Luna is an acid disco weapon with some sabor latino. Volver Al Ca... more...

12inch Artifact: ART19 € 14,99

Francisco Mora Catlett

Electric Worlds

Francisco Mora-Catlett’s career spans decades, genres and astral realms, perpetually defined by the quest for survival and being free. The Mexican-Ame... more...

2LP Planet e: PLE65405 € 27,99

Bottin presents: Quality Time

Quality Time

Bottin continues his prolific run of creativity with an instrumental LP of "Library Music" titled Quality Time. Searching for a virginal sound rolling... more...

LP Artifact: ART-L29 € 12,99

Bottin, Francisco & Fernando

Love Life / Delta Tigre

Bottin teams up with Francisco (Jolly Music, L.U.C.A.) for a drugged-out, sexed up, slo-mo psych-rock aptly titled LOVE LIFE. Old acquaintance Rodion... more...

12inch Artifact: ART015 € 11,99

Francisco Mora Catlett

Mora! II

Far Out Recordings is delighted to present Mora!, and for the first time ever on vinyl Mora! II. Mexican-American percussionist and former member of t... more...

LP Far Out: FARO223LP € 14,99

Francisco Mora Catlett

Mora! I

Far Out Recordings is delighted to present Mora!, and for the first time ever on vinyl Mora! II. Mexican-American percussionist and former member of t... more...

LP Far Out: FARO222LP € 14,99


Horror Disco Mystery Bundle

Bottin comes with a special surprise package - 4 record deal in a super limited Horror Disco tote bag which comes in an edition of 100 copies - black... more...

4x12inch Tin: TIN-BAG remind

Bottin presents

Artifact 14

Italian weirdologist Bottin strikes again with another private pressing for Artifact Records. Side A starts off with an edit of a super rare italo-el... more...

12inch Artifact: ART14 € 10,99


Artifact 13

ARTIFACT is again hot off the vinyl presses with a private edition, curated by stalwart editor BOTTIN. First off, ''Manifesto Balearico'' does exactl... more...

12inch Artifact: ART13 remind


Respirare / Waterland

One of Italy's most revered producers on the global scene, Bottin is always ready with an invigorating palette of sounds and rhythms that stem from hi... more...

12inch Artifact: ART12 € 10,49


Artifact 11

After a long break (6 years!) mysterious ARTIFACT label is back with a new private pressing of juicy Bottin re-edits. Fist off, ''Domenica'' is an u... more...

12inch Artifact: ART11 remind



Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brasil now currently residing in the outskirts of Europe, Fernando may be better known for his more floor oriented releases as... more...

LP + Download LIES: LIES118 € 12,99

Francisco & Cosmo

Linea Beat Vol.5

Linea Beat 5 The fifth collection in our dance-floor only series is the aptly named Dance. Arriving in two different versions for those times when you... more...

12inch Slow Motion: SLOMO040 remind


I Have What I Gave LP

On his new album, I Have What I Gave, Italian musician Bottin outdoes himself. He crafts propulsive, disco-laden scores for films not yet made, and i... more...

12inch 2MR: 2MRLP026 remind

Bottin feat. Lavinia Claws


One half of live tribal house duo Deardrums, also available on 2MR 'YAML' has a long history... nearly 10 years of it in fact! Bottin produced most of... more...

12inch Retrogroove: RGR1203 remind

Francisco & Cosmo

Linea Beat Vol. 4

The fourth volume of the strictly for retro club use series Lineabeat sees two of our most prolific producers deliverer the goods on a double a-side r... more...

12inch Slow Motion: Slomo031 remind



Another late night disco chugger by the Italian warehouse bizarro "Bottin". Synthetic dark groove, hypnotizing cinematic dreamwave. Reborn sequential... more...

12inch Chit Chat Records: CCR008 remind

Francisco & Cosmo

Linea Beat Vol. 3

Third time out for Francisco on Slow Motion's strictly retro-dance-floor series - Linea Beat. Joined by partner in crime Cosmo, 'System 3' and 'Get... more...

12inch Slow Motion: Slomo026 remind

Bottin & Alexander Robotnick

Robottin / Parade

Hot new release on Bottin's Tin label... it has been a while, but worth the wait!! first collaboration between Italian synth friends Alexander Robotti... more...

12inch Tin: TIN06 remind


Linea Beat Vol. 2

Francisco returns to Slow Motion for the second in our of retro-dance-floor series; Linea Beat volume 2. Drum beats are rolling and lazers are scannin... more...

12inch Slow Motion: Slomo020 remind