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CN2 - First Movement EP


First Movement EP

NYC Veteran and machine wizard Charles Noel aka Archetype reaches deep into his sonic archive to present another incredibly special release on Bright... more...

12inch Bright Sounds: BSRX008-1 remind

CN2 - Second Movement


Second Movement

NYC Veteran and machine wizard Charles Noel aka Archetype reaches deep into his sonic archive to present another incredibly special release on Brigh... more...

12inch Bright Sounds: BSRX009-1 remind (Otto von Schirach) - Petroleum G-string (Otto von Schirach)

Petroleum G-string

The guerillacore campaign, begun on the Megadebt mini album, continues: this is the second part of the uncompromising Rise and Defeat series from Docn... more...

7inch Beta Bodega: Beta Bodega 13.5 remind - Petroleum Peep Show

Petroleum Peep Show

The breakcore psychosis stays strong, fusing bass, booty, jungle, and hip-hop to incendiary effect. This music should come to be seen as Otto's defini... more...

12inch Rice and beans: Rice and Beans 010 remind

Armen Saro / CNS Engineering - Saxon / Mecca

Armen Saro / CNS Engineering

Saxon / Mecca

Smooth disco/house tracks on Peter Black's imprint. For all Balihu/Environ/Putsch '79 etc. lovers. Very nice!

12inch Shadowprint Records: Shadowprint SPR 04/06 remind

Scntst - Monday



17 year old SCNTST from Munich dropping some advanced juke techno rave tracks. According the promo text he is influenced by inspired by his heroes Lon... more...

12inch Boysnoize Records: BNR068 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DRMCNT - Gangsigns



Gangsigns is a label set up to provide the finest in all areas of music and each release will be limited to 300 copies only. a fully realised set of b... more...

12inch Gangsigns: Gangsigns01 remind




Fantastic release by CN, also known as EOD (check out his release on 03030 records!). Retro futuristic electro tracks in the spirit of the Detroit ori... more...

LP WeMe Records: Weme313.8 remind

DCNT - Abyss



We are proud to introduce a new member to the Platte family. It’s DCNT aka Franklin De Costa. The Producer who is also an excellent DJ, has been makin... more...

12inch Platte International: Platte005 remind

Scntst - Premelodic Structures


Premelodic Structures

SCNTST returns with his second single, giving us a small teaser of his upcoming Album. Inspired by Jersey Club , Baltimore, Breaks and big room Techno... more...

12inch Boysnoize Records: BNR091 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

CN - Voyages



Norway’s CN (aka Stian Gjevik) delivers 4 cuts of spatial analogue electro. Overflowing with uber-melodic synthesizers along with CN’s complete master... more...

12inch Central Processing Unit: CPU00000010 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DRMCNT - Jin & Tronix EP


Jin & Tronix EP

Following a sell-out 2012 debut release on Rough Trade’s Gangsigns label that was compared variously to the output of UR, Swamp81 and Frictional, the... more...

12inch Mighty Robot Recordings: MRR014 remind

CN - The Derelict


The Derelict

Norwegian producer Stian Gjevik returns with his third full length album as CN with The Derelict. The sequel to his 2011 concept album The Expedition... more...

LP WeMe Records: WeMe313.18/WR057 remind

CNCPT - Citofono



Signature booming, highly effective techno EP

12inch Brenda: BRENDA006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

CN - The Expedition Beyond


The Expedition Beyond

Originally a cassette release on Wil-Ru Records in 2011 CN's ''The Expedition Beyond'' is a musical narrative that chronicles the astral travels of a... more...

LP Future Primitive Record: Fpr003 remind

BCNC - Live in Miami 1984


Live in Miami 1984

African and jazz influenced rock songs from a 6 piece band (including electronics and saxaphone) coming from Charlotte NC. Loose and raw, and all rec... more...

2x12inch FrequeNC Records: Freq014 € 17,99




With his new EP '4FRIENDZ' the production style of the now 21 year-old SCNTST again continues to grow in stature. After 'Puffer' (his second LP on Boy... more...

12inch Boysnoize Records: BNR142 € 10,99

CNCPT - Peonia



Driving techno and eerie trips with an uncanny aesthetic. more...

12inch Brenda: BRENDA009 € 10,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

No Regular Play / Cnnr - Cmm0001

No Regular Play / Cnnr


Lush and highly harmonic scape-like sounds on the new Cut Mistake Music imprint by its owner Cnnr (Connor Whiriskey) and his good friends No Regular P... more...

12inch Cut Mistake Music: CMM0001 € 9,99

LCN - Autonomie EP


Autonomie EP

Limited to 200 copies in screen printed sleeve! LCN was present on the “Noblesse Oblige” compilation (Gooiland 23) with a sweaty EBM influenced track.... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible Gooiland Elektro: Enfant052/Gooiland029 € 15,99