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CYRK - Dreamscience



Over the last couple of months, the records of Berlin-based duo CYRK have become a hot commodity within DJ circles. Their releases on Rawax and Vakant... more...

12inch Time Zero: TIMEZERO001 remind

CYRK - Balloonatix



CYRK deliver a three track energy trip of electro infused Italo house on DRED Records. The duo conjure up a collection modern melodies built upon the... more...

12inch Time Zero: DRD019/TZ02 € 12,99

CYRK - 656.281 (Incl. Syrte Re-Config)


656.281 (Incl. Syrte Re-Config)

Part 3 of the ''Astra Spectra'' series features none other than Berlin Electro duo CYRK with 3 intense and dark electro tracks great for any part of t... more...

12inch Science Cult: SCAS2 remind

CYRK - Reality EP


Reality EP

November see’s the 20th release of Lone Romantic, Ellum’s sister label which focuses on the nitty gritty that is all things Electro. Introducing to th... more...

12inch Lone Romantic: LR020 remind

CYRK - Obsession



On their new 12'', Obsession EP, Berlin-based duo CYRK expand on their unique permutation of sci-fi-inspired electro. The title track is another fine... more...

12inch Burial Soil: BUR006 remind

CYRK - Hidden Geometries (Incl. Plaid Remix)


Hidden Geometries (Incl. Plaid Remix)

Berlin based duo CYRK regards “Hidden Geometries” as one of their favourite tracks ever made, hence no expense was spared to give it a special home on... more...

12inch Science Cult: SCKS2 remind

CYRK - Escaping Earth


Escaping Earth

Mission Escape: signal incoming...Escaping Earth - file enter --> program launched! When things become too much, escaping might help. T... more...

2x12inch CHILDHOOD: CH003LP € 22,99