Artist: Celldod - All

Celldod - Kess 03


Kess 03

Heavy EBM stompers by Celldöd, aka Anders Karlsson, has been releasing dirty electronic music since the late '80s, both small-run cassette tapes inspi... more...

12inch Kess Kills: KESS003 remind

Celldod - Terrorbalans



Femur's second release goes deeper into totally unsettling, dark and gloomy sounds. This time with one of our most valued fellow artists Celldod. We a... more...

12inch Femur: FMR002 remind

Celldod - Pulsdisco



Celldod is the solo project of Anders Karlsson, well known in the EBM scene for his involvement in the band The Pain Machinery and as a live member of... more...

12inch Suction: Suction030 € 15,99

Celldod - Kall Fusion


Kall Fusion

Celldod is Swedish producer Anders Karlsson. Anders has been active in the music scene for some time working on different musical projects, always wit... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-009 € 16,99