Artist: Chupacabras - All

Chupacabras - Untitled



London via NYC Chupacabras has been making a name for himself through the years as a pillar of the underground. The story starts in Barcelona during t... more...

12inch LIES: LIES153 remind

Chupacabras - I See Light


I See Light

All the tracks on I See Light are culled from the Forgotten tape released on Go! Finger last year with two Chupacabras cuts backed by remixes from Le... more...

12inch Go Finger: GFEP01 € 11,99

Chupacabras / Brother Y - Falling Away / Phage

Chupacabras / Brother Y

Falling Away / Phage

Chupacabras and Brother Y join forces to form the debut vinyl release from Tutamen. Brooklyn resident and elusive production talent Chupacabras offers... more...

12inch Tutamen: TUT001 € 13,99