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Claudio PRC


Drawing inspiration from the waves and their movement, ''Unda'' (in Sardinian native tongue ''wave'') evokes a sense of calmness and introspection. Th... more...

LP 012 Records: 012007 remind

12inch ZYX Music: MAXI1087-12 € 17,99

Claudio PRC

Challenger Deep

Claudio PRC returns to Delsin with a fabulous follow up to his Rites Of Passage EP earlier in 2021. Four tracks of proper deep and compelling techno r... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/C18 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Artefakt & Claudio PRC

Collaborations I

Collaborations is a new series curated by Artefakt on their own imprint De Stijl. Inviting friends and likeminded artists for extended studio improvis... more...

12inch De Stijl: DS-03 remind

Claudio PRC

Rites Of Passage

Delsin's Cameron series, known for its deep and atmospheric techno, welcomes Italian DJ and producer Claudio PRC. Presenting three expertly crafted an... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/C16 remind

Blazej Malinowski & Claudio PRC

Future Retro

Claudio PRC is back on his own 012 label and once again it is a fresh collaborative EP. This time he links up with Blazej Malinowski for three searing... more...

12inch 012 Records: 01203 € 17,99

SaffronKeira & Claudio PRC

Mare Tranquillitatis

In life everything is cyclic. It’s said, the wave is the most essential form of creation existing in nature. People, moments, come and go... it’s the... more...

12inch 012 Records: 01201 remind

Marc Line Featuring Claudio

Crazy In The Night

Next up is one of those long time Italo Disco mysteries.. . just when you thought Italo couldn't get any better, it just did... I Venti d' Azzurro Rec... more...

12inch Delivery: DLV1024 remind

Claudio Tallino

Spell (Dolce Mattatoio)

Claudio Tallino ''SPELL – DOLCE MATTATOIO'' from 1977, originally composed for the censored erotic thriller movie directed by the visionary genius Alb... more...

7inch Sonor Music Editions: Sonor13 € 17,99

Claudio Tallino


Original soundtrack for the erotic thriller movie from 1976 directed by Massimo Pirri. Outstanding and 100% essential Italian OST containing top-notch... more...

LP Sonor Music Editions: SME55 remind

Blazej Malinowski, Claudio Prc, UNC

TGP Extra003

Two deep and spacey techno journeys by Claudio PRC and UNC alongside newcomer Blazej Malinowski.

12inch The Gods Planet: TGPExtra003 remind

Claudio Prc

Moderskarlek Ep (Svreca Remix)

Dense hypnotising rhythms and trance-like atmospheresa and the Semantica label-boss Svreca has experimented with complex noisy textures on his remix o... more...

12inch Trolldans: TROLLDANS002 remind

Claudio Mate

Heart of Madness

This three track EP is full of melodic goodness with a subtle toughness underlying it all. Perfect for that end of night encore moment! Remix duties... more...

12inch Applied Rhythmic Technology: ART15 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Claudio Prc

Inner State

LP debut from Claudio PRC on Prologue! Talking about Italian outstanding electronic music artists, Claudio PRC is one of the first to mention. more...

12inch Prologue Music: PRGLP002 remind

Terence Fixmer & Claudio Prc

Planetary Phase

Terence Fixmer on Prologue with his new collaboration project together with Claudio PRC. Both working excellent together and the new duo comes with a... more...

12inch Prologue Music: PRG018 remind

12inch Mule Electronic: MuleE070 remind