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Desto / Clouds & Jimi Tenor  - Time Bird / Eightfold Path

Desto / Clouds & Jimi Tenor

Time Bird / Eightfold Path

Released through 502 Recordings, homebase of the excellent DJ Oneman, this collaboration between Desto, Clouds & Jimi Tenor. Finland via China. Record... more...

12inch 502 Recordings: 502rec004 remind

Clouds - Tannhauser Acid Works I


Tannhauser Acid Works I

Clouds dropping some tracks in the typical style of Blawan and Karenn catching the vibe of the moment. Comes witha remix by Truss

12inch Turbo: Turbo138 remind

Clouds - Complete Control


Complete Control

Young Techno upstarts Clouds debut their hard an aggressive sound on Soma with the ‘Complete Control’ EP. Their razor sharp production that fuses elem... more...

12inch Soma: Soma382 remind

Clouds - Ghost Systems Rave


Ghost Systems Rave

As the title suggests... lots of Raving going on. Prime time fist pump action tracks. Sharp produced and heavy sounding selection. more...

2LP + Download Turbo: Turbolp037 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Clouds - Tannhauser Acid Works II
12inch Turbo: Turbo160 remind

Clouds - Sharp Like A Razor


Sharp Like A Razor

While Headstrong Records split the debut drop between Randomer and Clouds. It's now time for the duo Clouds to go solo. Starting off with 4 brutal and... more...

12inch Headstrong Records: HS003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Clouds - Running It


Running It

Clouds present Maxiboy, an outlet for the Scottish duo to release solely their own productions. The label will be a vessel for experimentation within... more...

12inch Maxiboy: Maxiboy001 remind

Clouds - Parkzicht



''Ravaged and warped breakbeats haunted by wailing euphoric noise, vivid and graphic reflections of fractured post-industrial hardcore, moments of poe... more...

12inch Electric Deluxe: EDLX057 € 9,99

Clouds - Opera 2001


Opera 2001

Clouds are back with the first Headstrong release of 2020 with the rave infected Opera 2001

12inch Headstrong Records: HS005 € 9,99

Clouds - Timekeeper (Dave Aju rmx)


Timekeeper (Dave Aju rmx)

Very limited one sided 12” release from Ramp Reecordings. Clouds 2008 clockwork garage masterpiece gets re-worked by Dave Aju.

One sided 12 Ramp: Ramp029 € 6,99

Clouds - Timeslip Roadmender


Timeslip Roadmender

Don't be fooled by the name, Clouds are about as rough and spiky as it gets. Words like "rowdy", "boisterous" and "ragged" have been used to describe... more...

12inch Electric Deluxe: EDLX046 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Clouds - HTID



HTID’ is a chomping, foaming, kinda nutty set of industrial techno-jungle halfbreed. Heavy!! more...

2LP Electric Deluxe: EDLX053 € 22,99