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Overtone Series (aka 2lanes & Jonah Baseball)

Standing Waves

Brand new music from Detroit residents 2lanes and Jonah Baseball aka Overetone Series. Killer house that will satisfy fans of FXHE and Mood Hut alike.... more...

12inch Autoshop: AS007 € 16,99

Raw Series

Raw Series #4

DJ tool techno w/ raw and industrial warehouse vibes.

12inch Raw Series: RWS04 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Common Series


There is a point where memory and vision meet. The point where sparks and vertigo are produced and where imaginary landscapes produce sounds and visio... more...

LP + Download Common Series: CommonS007 € 14,99

Common Series

CS06 (Riviera)

Common Series' footprint is the 'Experimentation' and you can find it in the sixth release too. Marco Erroi with some musicians give us four sunny tra... more...

12inch Common Series: CommonS006 € 9,99

Common Series

CS05 (Tirane)

Fifth release of the Common Series. CS 05 (Tirane) is dedicated to migration and to all identities; it is the celebration of the meeting between Marco... more...

7inch Common Series: CommonS005 € 7,99

Raw Series

Raw Series #3

Raw analogue dj-tool collection on 2x 180 grams of wax. more...

2x12inch Raw Series: RWS03 remind

Series A

Evolution Technology

Series-A was the duo of Sam Anderson aka DJ Maestro and Dave Webb aka Kid Fresh. Sam and Dave both grew up listening to the sounds of the Electrifying... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE126 remind

Common Series

CS04 (Tarantulae)

Fourth release in the Common Series with a tribute to their home country. A collection of abstract pieces and soundscapes with ethnical roots which al... more...

12inch Common Series: CommonS004 € 9,99

Common Series

Common Series 3

It is claimed that Three is the perfect number. Many fields of human thought have reasoned concerning this number: Religion, Literature, Philosophy. I... more...

12inch Common Series: CommonS003 remind

Common Series

cs02 (MLDXIII)

Brilliant 2nd release on the Common Series.Kraut Rock, Industrial influences all over. Main track is a massive slap bass with trippy string sections.... more...

12inch Common Series: CommonS002 € 6,99

Common Series

Common Series 1

Nice first edition of this new series. Some beautifal techno tracks together with some darker frantic acid and some advanced electronica. All tracks g... more...

12inch Common Series: CommonS001 remind

Common Sense

Voices Inside My Head

Limited reissue for this fantastic in-demand disco cover of The Police’s ‘Voices Inside My Head’. Originally released on NYC label BC Records in 1980,... more...

12inch Various UK re-releases: BC4008 remind

Raw Series

Raw Series #2

Phat techno tracks on this raw series label. The concept: just a drum machine and a synth – pure analogue dj-tools!

12inch Raw Series: RWS02 remind

Raw Series

Raw Series #1

The concept: Just a drum machine and a synth - pure analogue DJ-tools.

12inch Raw Series: RWS01 remind

Weevil Series: Larva


Wild & industrialesque dubstep & breakcore compatible beat science b/w heavy & deep drum’n’bass roller.

12inch Weevil Series: Weevil01(60410) remind

Common Factor

Through (Phonique & H.filipsson remixes)

Detroit influenced jackin analog Italo track with good remixes by Phonique & Holmar Filipsson.

12inch Moodmusic: Mood042 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

RH Mixed Series Vol. 1 by Rednose Distrikt

Redknows! Sampler

This 12” is to preceed their first mix CD release and features three tracks. Mocky’s “Soul Control” was his first release on Zephons Mom in 1999. This... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RH101-12 remind

Common Factor

That Was Then

Three tracks from the vaults of Japan born Chicago resident Calingaert, dating back from 1998 but still sounding as fresh as a daisy in 2005. You see,... more...

12inch Playhouse: Playhouse0111 remind

Common Factor

In Between

Quirky electro with marching Goldfrapp style beats and bass. Remix from Daniel Ibbotson.

12inch Soma: Soma 145 remind

Common Factor vs. Steve Bug

The Pull ep

3rd strong release on Nick Callingear's imprint.. This time with Steve Bug (Poker).. Great 3 track house/minimal funk release

12inch Tactile: Tactile 003 remind