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LNS & DJ Sotofett

The Reformer EP

LNS and DJ Sotofett return to Tresor Records with The Reformer EP. This new record moves forward with a crystal clear, direct and controlled output, l... more...

12inch Tresor: Tresor355 € 13,99

Rex Ronny & Dj Sotofett


DJ Sotofett and Rex Ronny embodies a solid 7 track EP for Full Pupp with a strong Sci-Fi pallet of Cosmic-Italo racers. more...

12inch Full Pupp: FP075 remind


On Danse Comme Des Fous LP

After such a strange year of acceleration/deceleration, it now feels the right time for On Danse Comme Des Fous (“Let’s Dance Like Crazies”), Gilb’r’s... more...

LP Versatile: VERLP42 remind

LNS & DJ Sotofett


DJ Sotofett and LNS have teamed up with Tresor Records for Sputters. The double-vinyl album with 15 cuts spans a hybrid of warped electro and psychede... more...

2LP Tresor: Tresor323 € 24,99



Album / LP Nor (pronounced 'noolj') is DJ Sotofett’s Braindance album for SUED with music produced between 2002-2020. It was originally intended as a... more...

LP Sued: Sued024 € 17,99

Jimi Tenor & DJ Sotofett

Gods Have Summoned Me Down

Jimi Tenor going back to riff-based territory on this 7'' collaboration with DJ Sotofett. A-side's Kontula Mix leans heavily on a robotic guitar riff,... more...

7inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia034 € 6,99

Skatebard / DJ Sotofett / Lauer

Decoded Satellite / Privat & Sharf

Tenth 12inch on Skatebård's imprint narrows the inspirational-arrow directly to Italian dance music. For each of the three artists involved Italian ph... more...

12inch Digitalo Enterprises: Dent10 remind

Han Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi With Andres Loo


Finnish multi instrumentalist Jaakko Eino Kalevi & Norwegian producer Han Sotofett (aka DJ Sotofett) teamed up with Estonian drummer Andres Loo on the... more...

2x12inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia025 remind

DJ Sotofett / E-GZR / SVN


Recorded at Wania#1 and Neues Deutschland studios. DJ Sotofett ( Wania, Sex Tag Mania) on Side I, and SVN ( Sued, Acido) on Side II, revised BLUNDAR2... more...

12inch Blundar: BLUNDAR4 € 13,99

Han Sotofett

The Buy Out

Under new alias Han Sotofett – 'The Buy Out' is a Special Edition CD album that was exclusively released during DJ Sotofett's Japan Tour 2019. Carr... more...

CD Sex Tags Mania: SO-PHAT-4CD € 9,99

DJ Sotofett & Osaruxo


Hebi is tough, stomping, mesmerizing romany funk, riding Far East from the Baltic Sea on clopping hooves of uranium, with synths from spaceways furthe... more...

10inch Honest Jons: HJP092 € 13,99

DJ Sotofett


DJ Sotofett's double 7'' album ''Noldus'' is a peculiar twist and travel. During 13 tracks & 27 min. it's compact and generous, short yet long, with a... more...

2x7inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia031 € 16,99


Lord Of The Basics EP

Being in a different place and a different studio context changed some things for Gilb’R. The Versatile boss and half of Château Flight selected these... more...

12inch Versatile: VER128 remind

Kambo Super Sound / Don Papa Meets DJ Sotofett

Kraaka 7AM / Moss Dub Fonk

This years annual Dub-Team-Up 7'' from Moss Norway, 10th issue, a decade strong with double A-side. Kambo Super Sound flexing a hard & heavy, ultra st... more...

7inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia030 € 6,99

DJ Sotofett Feat. Osaruxo & Diskomo

Live A Pool, Tokyo (26th of November 2017)

This 12 min. 7inch with 7 tracks carries flashback excerpts from DJ Sotofett's annual improvised live concerts at Pool, Tokyo. Taken from the 2017 edi... more...

7inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia028 € 5,99

DJ Sotofett

Dub Off

Three murderous steppers dubs on a propulsive, rat-tat-tat rhythm, combining mystical spaciousness with detail and ferocity. Angry-lion bass and smear... more...

10inch Honest Jons: HJP086 € 13,49

DJ Sotofett & Maimouna Haugen

C'est l'aventure

Precious, timely, moody reflections on migrating from Côte d’Ivoire to Moss, in Norway, over ruff breakbeat funk supplied by the nimble bass-playing o... more...

10inch Honest Jons: HJP085 € 13,49

Zarate_Fix & DJ Sotofett

Arjun / Afroz

An absolute neck twister that majestically blends Acid House, UK Bleeps & West Coast Style Hip-Hop with refined, delicate & grimey production techniqu... more...

12inch Sex Tags Mania: Mania029 remind

DJ Sotofett / Vera Dvale ft Merel Laine

Detour Dub / To Want You

Fully sonic, percussive & heavily dubbed skeletal tribal-acid-techno with hints of industry as well as digital insects fills DJ Sotofett's A-side. Jux... more...

12inch Wania: Wania9106 € 9,99

DJ Gilb-R


* Warehouse find* Cool Breakbeat track by Gilb-R, including a Laurent Garnier Remix

12inch Versatile: Ver005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Salik & DJ Sotofett

Inna Brixton / Acid Site Mix

Clinically excellent by Salik from Going Good Records Brixton with a superiourly consistent, bass heavy, strict & steady (dub) stepper molding deep, d... more...

10inch Wania: WaniaTi70 € 9,99

LNS & DJ Sotofett


3rd part of LNS & DJ Sotofett's 12'' trilogy. (Extended Mix) riding 12 min with corresponding TR-808 & 909 rhythms, layered progressive strings & patt... more...

12inch Wania: WaniaTRE-3 remind

Skatebard / DJ Sotofett

Stalheim-Mix / Digitalo-Mix

Back on own imprint, Skatebård delivers his trademark sound of house & techno with a pinch of italo. The extended version filling 10 min of excellentl... more...

12inch Digitalo Enterprises: Dent008 remind