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Dj Honesty - Smith

Dj Honesty


Hot grooving disco rooted house tracks Detroit style!

12inch Eclipser Chaser: Eclipser6 remind

Dj Honesty - Remix EP (Dj Deep, Janaret, Sebo K)

Dj Honesty

Remix EP (Dj Deep, Janaret, Sebo K)

Remix session of the SCENARIO#5 release by DJ Honesty including Remixes by DJ Deep, Janeret and labelhead Sebo K. vinyl only, handstamped whitelabel.

12inch Scenario: Scenario007 remind

DJ Honesty - Moment

DJ Honesty


Following the success of the first 2 records by MP , here comes the new release of Bass Culture’s vinyl only sub label by Dj Honesty including a supe... more...

12inch Bass Culture: BCLTD003 remind

Dj Honesty - Janeiro EP

Dj Honesty

Janeiro EP

Two pieces of pure electronic groove with a dubby technoid flavour.

12inch Another Picture: APP03 € 10,99

DJ Honesty - Mais Populares EP

DJ Honesty

Mais Populares EP

Back on Another Picture after his strong and dubby ‘Janeiro EP’ in 2017 DJ Honesty delivers new material of a more uplifting but still abstract vibe. more...

12inch Another Picture: APP08 € 10,99