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Dj Richard - Grind

Dj Richard


Debut Album by Dj Richard, Label Owner of White Material. With the launch of his White Material label in New York 2012, Dj Richard started releasing a... more...

2LP Dial: DialLP033 remind

Dj Richard - Leech2

Dj Richard


Wild tracks by Dj Richard! Finally restocked!

12inch White Material: WM002 remind

Dj Richard - Path of Ruin

Dj Richard

Path of Ruin

Dj Richard returns with another stunning release on Dial Records: Path Of Ruin. Inspired by the rather harsh magic of New England in winter - the pl... more...

12inch Dial: Dial074 remind

DJ Richard - Eraser

DJ Richard


DJ Richard's first release of 2019 sees him drop four invigorating electro tracks on Flexxseal titled ''Eraser''. Emerging from the Providence nois... more...

12inch Flexxseal: Flexxseal009 remind

DJ Richard - Dies Irae Xerox

DJ Richard

Dies Irae Xerox

Following 2017’s ‘Path of Ruin’, DJ Richard returns to Dial with his much-anticipated sophomore LP, ‘Dies Irae Xerox’. Undoubtedly one of the most dis... more...

2LP Dial: DialLP040 € 23,99