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Dastardly Kids


Heres some new Detroit Hip Hop on FXHE approved by Omar S! Sonny Dulphi & Pat2Dope is the Hi Tech to Hip Hop. They have the same energy as Milf Melly... more...

2x7inch Fxhe: FXHE-AOSDK € 36,99

Wamdue Kids

Ocean Between Us

Another essential release form SOUNDS. in the rebound. Wamdue Kids - Ocean Between Us from 1996! The B side contains distorted raw tracks when it wasn... more...

12inch Sounds: SO16 remind

Street Kids

Game No.1 / Last Night (You moved me)

South African disco double sider with tracks by the Street Kids from 1983! Holds the synth heavy low tempo ''Game no.''1 and on the flip the mid tempo... more...

12inch Rush Hour: RHRSS27 € 15,99

Yonder Kids

Arsequake 1999-2009

Yonder Kids get a deserved spotlight 20 years after the journey suddenly stopped. A musical legacy which could have been lost in the background noise... more...

2x12inch Baffling Noise: NOIZ-1901 € 23,49

Tuff City Kids

Remixes Vol. 2 (Marcel Dettmann/Roman Flugel Remix)

Calling in the favors: Marcel Dettmann, Roman Flügel and Scuba under his SCB Inversion disguise, take apart songs and tracks from Tuff City Kids’ debu... more...

12inch Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC167-1 remind

Tuff City Kids

Tell Me / R-mancer (Tensnake, Roman Flügel, Joe Goddard Remixes)

The first batch of interpretations for TCK’s 2016 debut album 'Adoldesscent' arrives with a trio of artists above the ordinary. While Tensnake and Joe... more...

12inch Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC157-1 remind

Tuff City Kids


Much like the Tuff City Kids themselves, Adoldesscent isn't about any one style or sound in particular. It is, however, a cohesive effort, along with... more...

2LP + Download Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC153-1 remind

Tuff City Kids With Annie

Labyrinth (Incl. Morgan Geist Rmx)

The unstoppable tag team Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer aka Tuff City Kids have another surprise up their sleeves with their first full on vocal track... more...

12inch Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC152-1 remind

10inch Live At Robert Johnson: Playrjc036 remind

Tuff City Kids (Ft. Shan)

Kirk Juemmeth EP

he original gunslingers Phillip Lauer and Gerd Janson team up with their buddy Shan (his club hits 'How you want it' and 'Chord Memories' are still ri... more...

12inch Permanent Vacation: PERMVAC135-1 remind

Tuff City Kids

Parallel Forest Ep

Gerd Janson and Philipp Lauer behind the machines creating golden tunes!

12inch Internasjonal: Int030 remind

Shadow Kids

Nightsun / Laughing At Jazz

EDSC 004 comes from way across the Atlantic and is from Shadow Kids aka Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better) & synth wizard Secret Circuit. This rel... more...

12inch El Diablo Social Club: EDSC004 € 5,99

Tuff City Kids

Roby Tease EP

Gerd Janson and fellow German Phillip Lauer are Tuff City Kids and are the next pairing to contribute to Delsin’s house leaning series. Their only pre... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/H7 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bridge & Tunnel Kids

Omnii ep (Willie Burns remix)

New Jersey based producer Jorge Velez (Professor Genius) returns to Echovolt under his brand new guise Bridge & Tunnel Kids with three tripped out, ps... more...

12inch Echovolt: EVR011 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Streetwise Kids

Kings Forever

Old obscure Nu Groove release.. one of the classic New York house labels. Sampled loaded bass driven house tracks.

12inch Nu groove: NG104 remind

Tuff City Kids

Bobby Tacker ep

Gerd Janson (head of Running Back) and Phillip Lauer (DJ, producer and 50% Arto Mwambe) step out of remix mode and release their first 12'' of origina... more...

12inch Unterton: Unterton02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

AK Kids

The GassAKu

AK Kids are Tommy Forrest (aka Akira Kiteshi) and Steven Hyslop. Gassaku means collaboration in Japan. Artists that collaborated are: AK Kids ft 1000... more...

10inch Lowriders Recordings: LOW004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cool Kids

Black Mags

Taken from their 2008 EP ''THE BAKE SALE'', ''BLACK MAGS'' has this Chicago hip hop duo boasting to be ''the black BEASTIE BOYS'', backed with bass-he... more...

12inch Chocolate ind.: Chlt057 remind

Cool Kids

88 & I rock

Repping the old school, while avoiding sounding old, this Chicago duo's beats are simple, their flow is slow, & they are easily understood. Incl's ins... more...

EP Fools Gold: FGR003 remind

Mariel Ito / Pal Secam Kids

Spacebar Superstars Vol 1

Mariel Ito and Pal Secam Kids both bring it heavy, detailed, glitched-up, funky and rough, but always carried by a solid malfunctioning machine-funk o... more...

12inch Spacebar Sentiments: Spacebar Sentiments 006 remind