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Diskokaines - Rock-A-Boogie (feat. Legowelt)


Rock-A-Boogie (feat. Legowelt)

The Diskokaine marfloW returns featuring Princess Superstar on mic and Legowelt doing some additional synth work. Between shitkickin' disco and Chicag... more...

12inch Diskokaine: DK004 remind

The Diskchordians - M-439 Class A

The Diskchordians

M-439 Class A

Fast pacing industrial electrofunk madness by The Diskchordians with a remix of Kraddy's New World Empire on the flip.

12inch pretension: Pretension 004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Diskokaine presents Trans Mania - Boing, Boom, Jack (Patrick Pulsinger, Alexander Robotnick remixes)

Diskokaine presents Trans Mania

Boing, Boom, Jack (Patrick Pulsinger, Alexander Robotnick remixes)

Trans Mania is the unique ''Jack'' project of Gomma's Vienna buddy DJ Marflo, an excellent electro disco DJ with a great sense for old & rare stuff as... more...

12inch Gomma: Gomma 088 remind

Diskjokke - Meksibobo Ep


Meksibobo Ep

Hailing from the frozen north of Norway, Diskjokke aka Joachim Dyrdahl makes his debut on Get Physical sublabel Kindisch.A nice solid 5 track ep rangi... more...

12inch Kindisch: Kindisch 05 remind

Diskjokke - Flott Flytt


Flott Flytt

Fresh from releasing his debut album ''Staying in'' on Smalltown Supersound, Diskjokke releases the eagerly anticipated ''Flott Flyt'' on Full Pupp. T... more...

12inch Full Pupp: FP013 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Glimmers present Disko Dr. - Physical

The Glimmers present Disko Dr.


Let's get Physical, Physical.. everyone can sing along with the glimmers! The Glimmers and Ray Mang doing a great cover version of this track evryone... more...

12inch diskimo: Disko7000 remind

Diskjokke - Asa Nisi Masa


Asa Nisi Masa

Melodic, trance-inducing feelgood disko gospel. Asa Nisi Masa has been causing much mayhem the last 12 months even causing girls to offer him services... more...

12inch Full Pupp: FP19 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Diskjokke - 1987 (Prins Thomas + Ost & Kjex Rmxs)


1987 (Prins Thomas + Ost & Kjex Rmxs)

a shiny example for his melodic, epic yet jacking style where almost fragile melodic fragments, stomping grooves, simmering acidlines and air-horns ma... more...

12inch Full Pupp: FP026 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Disk - 01



Vinyl only mystery.

12inch Whiteloops: WHITELOOPS1 remind

Disk - 09 (Visor / Flashback)


09 (Visor / Flashback)

The Italian dj and producer Viels is the perfect example of a promising artist who has earned his stripes in the scene. His first contribution to Dyna... more...

12inch Whiteloops: WHITELOOPS09 remind

Diskokaines - Lick the Alphabet


Lick the Alphabet

Italo disco fever is taking victoms everywhere.. even in the, as stiff known, Austrian people are infected.marfloW (aka Wolfram) and N.Y.'s Princess S... more...

12inch Diskokaine: DK001 € 4,99

Disk - 02



Mysterious and trippy house.

12inch Whiteloops: WHITELOOPS2 € 10,99

Disk - 01



Straight from the Ukraine!

12inch Blackloops: BLACKLOOPS1 € 11,99

Dima Disk - Fetty

Dima Disk


Rubadub first heard their music via the Palace x Bronze skate video a year or so ago, they did a bit of digging and it turned out to be by a duo calle... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-DIMA1 € 10,99

Disk - 11



To the point mysterious house jams..

12inch Whiteloops: WHITELOOPS11 € 11,49

Diskonauts - Lost In Hyperspace


Lost In Hyperspace

Like a warm breeze on a sandy beach... This tropical jam is loaded with soothing keys and more instrumental work that will make you float. A 12'' load... more...

12inch Octobrown Recordings: OBR001 € 5,99

Disk - Rumshack (40 Thieves remix)


Rumshack (40 Thieves remix)

Fine Art is proud to announce a new player on the team, Disk aka Daniel Tingström, a Stockholm producer and nightlife figure. He owns and runs Pleasan... more...

12inch Fine Art: FA011 € 7,99

Disk - 10 (Hope / The Game)
12inch Whiteloops: WHITELOOPS10 € 10,99

DJ Sotofett Feat. Osaruxo & Diskomo - Live A Pool, Tokyo (26th of November 2017)

DJ Sotofett Feat. Osaruxo & Diskomo

Live A Pool, Tokyo (26th of November 2017)

This 12 min. 7inch with 7 tracks carries flashback excerpts from DJ Sotofett's annual improvised live concerts at Pool, Tokyo. Taken from the 2017 edi... more...

7inch Sex Tags Amfibia: Amfibia028 € 5,99

Disk - 04



Ukranian minimalistic bits

12inch Unknown: BLACKLOOPS4 € 11,49

Disko Baller Clique - South Side Cum'n Dance

Disko Baller Clique

South Side Cum'n Dance

Underground ghetto house by Dj Chip.

12inch Dance Mania: DM248 (whitelabel) € 16,99