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Dorisburg & Arkajo - Void Pyramid

Dorisburg & Arkajo

Void Pyramid

Two well crafted space adventures from two long time collaborators.

12inch Arkajo: Arkajo02 remind

Arkajo - Arkajo 3


Arkajo 3

Arkajo is back on his own imprint with his signature tribal tinged, off-kilter percussion, shattering subs and hypnotic atmospheres. Featuring remixes... more...

12inch Arkajo: Arkajo03 € 11,99

Arkajo - Fathomless Music


Fathomless Music

Straight up acid conga anthem on a1, Arkajo back on the Aniara frequency! The Nordic melancholia and invincible groove on a2 is followed by a sculptur... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara20 remind

Arkajo - Avasarala



Arkajo back with three new cuts on the Aniara frequency! Travelling through endless soundscapes in his elegant yet rugged style. Mysteries to investig... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara22 remind

Arkajo - Altavista



Fresh cuts from up north! Arkajo is one 1/2 of Genius of Time (who made his 1st appearance on Clone Royal Oak with a remix for Headless Ghost). On his... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara12 remind

Arkajo - Nadir



Arkajo exploring soundscapes and drumming in his very own style.

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara27 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Arkajo - Arkajo 1


Arkajo 1

UK-inspired hypnotism from Arkajo on his own imprint.

12inch Arkajo: Arkajo01 € 10,99

Arkajo - Landslide EP


Landslide EP

Arkajo returns to Nilla with an uncompromised three tracker. A dreamy tribal house session that comes with haunting beats and breathing pads makes the... more...

12inch Nilla: NILLA014 remind

Arkajo - Rymdkollo



Arkajo transmitting on the Aniara frequency from excavations on the shores of the Outer Rim. Locks your body into rhythm, exploring distant vistas in... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara17 remind

Arkajo / DJ Lily - BROR03

Arkajo / DJ Lily


BROR Records presents its third instalment with a split 12-inch record with two original tracks. Delivered from the west coast of Sweden, city of Goth... more...

12inch BROR Records: BROR03 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dorisburg - Time Stretch Totem


Time Stretch Totem

Two new cuts from sonic explorer Dorisburg! Immersive excursions that invite your mind to wander and your body to move.

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara14 remind

Dorisburg - House Organ For The Lonely
12inch Phonica: Phonica028 remind

Dorisburg - Stone Circle


Stone Circle

From the fog comes Kontrolleri, Dorisburg's new label for original productions and collaborations. Creeped-out, hypnotic house music birthed from a st... more...

12inch Kontrolleri: Kontrolleri01 remind

Dorisburg - Tundra



Dorisburg finally return after Sinai Hypnosis with Tundra - an emotional and mesmerizing piece of dancefloor drama with a subtle touch of trance, but... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara04 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dorisburg - Smuts/Studs



Tight modern house tracks with that Nordic feel from Dorisburg as first release on Bossmusik!! Dorisburg, also known as one half of Sweden's house mas... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS001 remind

Dorisburg - Trust



Elegant & diverse new three-tracker from Dorisburg where he further refines his special nordic house aesthetics! Worthy follow up on his recent Smuts... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara10 remind

Dorisburg - Liksom / Eller


Liksom / Eller

Bossmusik follows up the first release by Dorisburg with another two-tracked EP by the Swedish house master. The A side is a steady drum stomping DJ... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS002 remind

Dorisburg - Internet Tension / Rytm804


Internet Tension / Rytm804

Dorisburg returns to Boss records with a high quality tight modern club release as we would expect from him!. On the A-side 'Internet Tension', he wea... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS008 remind

Dorisburg - Splade



Aniara Recordings affiliate and half part of Genius of Time Dorisburg appearing on Abdulla Rashims Northern Electronics with three tracks of spacious,... more...

12inch Northern Electronics: NE14 remind

Dorisburg - Computer Drumming


Computer Drumming

Recent output has seen Dorisburg pushing into deeper realms. Computer Drumming are some further steps in these explorations of 4/4 rhythms and acousti... more...

12inch Bossmusik: BOSS005 remind

Dorisburg - Irrbloss



One half of Genius Of Time, Alexander Berg makes his debut on Hivern as Dorisburg. Irrbloss features nearly an hour of Dorisburg new music. Eight... more...

2x12inch Hivern Discs: HVN034 remind

Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis


Sinai Hypnosis

The 2nd release on the new Aniara label! This is one of the deepest, most intense tracks we've heard in a while! Sinai Hypnosis is a lush and relaxed... more...

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara02 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dorisburg & Fabian Bruhn - Miru

Dorisburg & Fabian Bruhn


Two collaborations between two people vibrating on the same frequency. Spacious grooves on the Aniara tip!

12inch Aniara Recordings: Aniara23 remind

Dorisburg & Efraim Kent - Tecken

Dorisburg & Efraim Kent


Following their successful collaboration track on Body 2:2 Mind compilation, Dorisburg & Efraim Kent confirm their elegant approach with 3 next level... more...

12inch Tikita: TIKITA007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Baaz / Dorisburg / S.A.M./ Christopher Rau - Red Souvenirs Remixes

Baaz / Dorisburg / S.A.M./ Christopher Rau

Red Souvenirs Remixes

After Baaz’s successful album Red Souvenirs, Office Recordings is coming up with three wild remixes by Dorisburg, Christopher Rau and S.A.M.

12inch Office Recordings: Office06 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L