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Egisto Macchi - Voix

Egisto Macchi


Italian avant-garde and film composer Egisto Macchi (1928-1992) produced a large and largely forgotten catalogue of astounding music during the 1960s... more...

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Egisto Macchi - Bioritmi

Egisto Macchi


First Ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail 1971. Limited Edition 200 GRM Deluxe Replica LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by A... more...

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Egisto Macchi - Il Deserto

Egisto Macchi

Il Deserto

A real masterpiece! This incredible double album recorded in 1974 truly is an astounding experimental mystical trip to the desert and comes with the o... more...

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Egisto Macchi - Citta Notte

Egisto Macchi

Citta Notte

First ever commercial release for this ultra-rare Holy Grail 1972 Library LP. Limited edition 200 gram deluxe replica LP with exclusive scholarly line... more...

LP Roundtable: ROMA108LP € 24,99

Egisto Macchi - Nucleo Centrale Investigativo

Egisto Macchi

Nucleo Centrale Investigativo

Music composed for the TV series of 1974. A classic and avant-garde approach which differs from than the canons of the police movie ost in which were... more...

LP + 7inch Cinedelic: CNAY101 € 39,99

Egisto Macchi - Biologia Animale E Vegetale

Egisto Macchi

Biologia Animale E Vegetale

3xLP housed in a luxurious hard cover box with canvas painting cover + 600 handnumbered copies only. Another production library rarity getting its fir... more...

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Egisto Macchi - Violenza

Egisto Macchi


Cinedelic Records present a reissue of Egisto Macchi's Violenza, recorded in 1976. Limited numbered edition. Includes insert and download code. The ar... more...

LP + Download Cinedelic: CNAY112 € 37,99

Egisto Macchi - E.S.P.

Egisto Macchi


In the 70?s, the Italian public television RAI used to broadcast disturbing paranoiac dramas, weird documentaries on the bottom of the sea and indiges... more...

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