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Electro nation - Shipwrecked

Electro nation


Harder uptempo new school electro, cool dj material

12inch Electrocute: Electrocute 1 remind

Electro Nation - Clone EP

Electro Nation

Clone EP

Thomas P. Heckmann via Electro Nation show his variety Electro/EBM touch. Strictly ltd. Only Vinyl. Black and white Vinyl. Licensed from an older LP b... more...

12inch Hypress: REEN003 remind

Electro Nation - Robot Story

Electro Nation

Robot Story

Returning to his original Electro disguise Electro Nation, Heckmann returns with fresh and brand new material after 20 years ! All that you love in or... more...

12inch Electrocute: ECS1204R € 10,50

Electro Nation - Electro Nation

Electro Nation

Electro Nation

Essential Electro from 1996 the mighty Thomas P. Heckmann aka Electro Nation!

12inch Afu ltd: AFU009R € 11,99

Electro Nation - Shipwrecked

Electro Nation


the re-issue of a real Electro gem by the genious Thomas P. Heckmann. It's the ''Electro Nation - Shipwrecked'' originally released 1998 on Electrocu... more...

12inch Electrocute: ECS1201R € 10,50
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Electro Nation - Dope Head / Sucker Beat

Electro Nation

Dope Head / Sucker Beat

A virus to enslave us all, the test of humanity and the future of mankind. Electro Nation will kndly guide you to your destiny. Stay safe and health... more...

12inch Electrocute: ECS1205 € 10,50