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Fader Cap

Club Telepathy

Fader Cap provides 3 rhythmic, sense-heightening, club-jams on his Craigie Knowes debut. The ''Club Telepathy'' EP is built for elevating dancefloors... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP44 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fader Cap

Brainwash EP

The first vinyl release from s2i Recordings introduces Fader Cap (previously Sedgwick). An existential trip across 3 tracks recorded in one 12 hour se... more...

12inch s2i Recordings: S2i01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L



The latest ensemble outing comes courtesy of Fader, who runs his own Borneo imprint and has recently released on the newly established Bar Rotterdam l... more...

12inch Ensemble: ENS009 remind

Dead Fader


A lucid, dynamic, atmospheric trip through consciousness, incorporating an incredible range of texture, tone, and three-dimensional space. This is a g... more...

LP Kimochi: KIMOCHI032 remind

Sacha Mambo / Fader

BAR Records 01

BAR records is the lovechild of BAR Rotterdam, a club founded in 2013. BAR records will release a variety of music linked to the club, by people that... more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR01 € 9,99

12inch Borneo: Borneo006 remind


The Bornian EP

Transmitting straight from the 10th floor of a beat-down Rotterdam skyscraper is Studio Barnhus debutant Mark Fader. When he’s not analyzing the bird... more...

12inch Studio Barnhus: Barn040 remind


Frozen Shavings

Vigorous and electronic workout by Fader. Zoovox' version turns the shavings into a more laidback organic exploration.

10inch Borneo: Borneo004 € 9,99


Fortunate Alpha

First release from this great new label - 250 copies only. Features a cool Sir Stephen remix...quickness encouraged... 'Fortunate Alpha' by Fader is a... more...

12inch Borneo: Borneo001 remind