Artist: Fang - All

Fangshi - Bass Dimension


Bass Dimension

Fangshi (now known as sol_dat) provide a Miami Bass sampling Electro monster, with Kraftwerk inspired strings hijacked from Brummie synth legends Plon... more...

12inch kracktronik: kracktronik 003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Yourhighness, Empfanger, Daniel Araya  - Romb Records 006

Yourhighness, Empfanger, Daniel Araya

Romb Records 006

Romb is back with an analogue attack! A raw & filthy 4-track vinyl, featuring some of the Stockholm's true underground producers showing respect to th... more...

12inch ROMB: ROMB006 remind

Empfanger - Lost Track


Lost Track

From a dark and depressing country in the northern hemisphere called Sweden, comes this duo consists of towLie & Sling. Here with another slab of deme... more...

12inch Born Free: BF-018 remind

Fang - A House


A House

Fang a Rough House Journey! Killer tracks on Dj Deep's Deeply rooted house that are crossing over between classic stomping Chicago house and modern te... more...

12inch Deeply Rooted House: DRH050 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fango - Viscera 1/3


Viscera 1/3

Effective club tracks. The ancient haruspex used to read chicken liver in a bid to predict the future and foresee natural disasters. Taking influence... more...

12inch Degustibus: DEGU020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Umfang - Riffs



Soft bangers and beatless movements from Brooklyn­ based producer UMFANG, following up last years 1080p ­released cassette “Ok” with the five track “R... more...

12inch 1080P: 1080V013 remind

Empfanger - Resan Till Plutonia


Resan Till Plutonia

Empfänger stay in the sewers like TMNT. Back with four tracks of their crackbrained EBM-disco.

12inch Born Free: BF-025 remind

Empfanger - Born Free 10


Born Free 10

Classy and unambiguous EBM inspired Techno from Empfänger with a big remix from AN-I (Lee Douglas) hot on the heels of his Cititrax 12''.

12inch Born Free: BF-010 € 13,99

Fango - Viscera 3/3


Viscera 3/3

Third in a series of 3 devastating and introspective EPs.

12inch Degustibus: DEGU023 € 9,99

Fango - Viscera 2/3


Viscera 2/3

Fango’s non-traditional journey through the human body continues. After the first essay on interior organs “Viscera 1/3”, it’s now the turn of the cen... more...

12inch Degustibus: DEGU022 € 9,99

Virgin Fang - Virgin Fang

Virgin Fang

Virgin Fang

Vincent Koreman aka RA-X joins up with Herr Muller to form a new and rockin’ Optimus Prime, once again exploring the dancefloor. Their style could be... more...

12inch Angelmaker: VF001 € 3,99

Virgin Fang - Skidder / Bloodclat

Virgin Fang

Skidder / Bloodclat

The new 12'' on and by Virgin Fang brings some new influences to their electro sound. Skidder hints at dubstep atmospheres and Ed Banger bassthumps an... more...

12inch Angelmaker: VF002 € 7,99