Artist: Fang - All

Fangshi - Bass Dimension


Bass Dimension

Fangshi (now known as sol_dat) provide a Miami Bass sampling Electro monster, with Kraftwerk inspired strings hijacked from Brummie synth legends Plon... more...

12inch kracktronik: kracktronik 003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Virgin Fang - Virgin Fang

Virgin Fang

Virgin Fang

Vincent Koreman aka RA-X joins up with Herr Muller to form a new and rockin’ Optimus Prime, once again exploring the dancefloor. Their style could be... more...

12inch Angelmaker: VF001 remind

Yourhighness, Empfanger, Daniel Araya  - Romb Records 006

Yourhighness, Empfanger, Daniel Araya

Romb Records 006

Romb is back with an analogue attack! A raw & filthy 4-track vinyl, featuring some of the Stockholm's true underground producers showing respect to th... more...

12inch ROMB: ROMB006 remind

Empfanger - Born Free 10


Born Free 10

Classy and unambiguous EBM inspired Techno from Empfänger with a big remix from AN-I (Lee Douglas) hot on the heels of his Cititrax 12''.

12inch Born Free: BF010 remind

Empfanger - Lost Track


Lost Track

From a dark and depressing country in the northern hemisphere called Sweden, comes this duo consists of towLie & Sling. Here with another slab of deme... more...

12inch Born Free: BF018 remind

Fang - A House


A House

Fang a Rough House Journey! Killer tracks on Dj Deep's Deeply rooted house that are crossing over between classic stomping Chicago house and modern te... more...

12inch Deeply Rooted House: DRH050 remind

Fango - Viscera 1/3


Viscera 1/3

Effective club tracks. The ancient haruspex used to read chicken liver in a bid to predict the future and foresee natural disasters. Taking influence... more...

12inch Degustibus: DEGU020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Umfang - Riffs



Soft bangers and beatless movements from Brooklyn­ based producer UMFANG, following up last years 1080p ­released cassette “Ok” with the five track “R... more...

12inch 1080P: 1080V013 remind

Bebe Fang - Bebe Fang

Bebe Fang

Bebe Fang

Coming from a rather obscure tape release that found it's way to the Enfant Terribe HQ... It is the only release by Dutch duo Bebe Fang. In the proces... more...

LP Enfant Terrible Vrystaete: Enfant/Vry007 remind

Fango - GEA



After a steady stream of successful underground dance-floor stables via his Viscera EP series and last year climbing charts with his remixes, Fango re... more...

12inch Degustibus: DEGU026 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fango - Viscera 2/3


Viscera 2/3

Fango’s non-traditional journey through the human body continues. After the first essay on interior organs “Viscera 1/3”, it’s now the turn of the cen... more...

12inch Degustibus: DEGU022 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Fango - Viscera 3/3


Viscera 3/3

Third in a series of 3 devastating and introspective EPs.

12inch Degustibus: DEGU023 € 9,99

Virgin Fang - Skidder / Bloodclat

Virgin Fang

Skidder / Bloodclat

The new 12'' on and by Virgin Fang brings some new influences to their electro sound. Skidder hints at dubstep atmospheres and Ed Banger bassthumps an... more...

12inch Angelmaker: VF002 € 7,99

Empfanger - Resan Till Plutonia


Resan Till Plutonia

Empfänger stay in the sewers like TMNT. Back with four tracks of their crackbrained EBM-disco.

12inch Born Free: BF025 € 9,49