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Funckarma - Bourbon Sounds


Bourbon Sounds

100% single lowland dutch wisky. Distilled and aged in Holland, bottled in Germany.. 4 track 10" with experimental electronix..

10inch Delikatessen: Dellikatessen plate 4 remind

Funckarma - Part 3


Part 3

Briljant modern electronica from these talented dutch brothers. Advanced programmed beats and beautifull melodies. (double 12"). Must have..

12inch Dub: DUB014 remind

Funckarma - Solid state


Solid state

Masterpiece by the Funcken brothers! Wide open atmospheric electronica with that special Funckarma touch. One of the best albums of 2001 !!! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd004 remind

Funckarma vs. The Boom Operators - Focus

Funckarma vs. The Boom Operators


Focus remixed (dub lp/cd05).. This great hiphop track is remixed by the Funcken bros. 2 different mixes + original and acapella.. Must have!!

12inch Dub: DUB026 remind

Funckarma - DemSongzByWe



Deeeeep electronica tracks from the Funcken bros.. Check!!

12inch On: On 104 remind

Funckarma - Part 1


Part 1

New artist with a great futuristic complex 4 track ep (file under modern electronica) with remix by: Funkstorung.

12inch Dub: DUB006 remind

Funckarma - part 2


part 2

Second part of the Debut of these 2 dutch brothers. Absolute briljant deep electronica with complex rhythms and the most beautyfull sounds. MUST !!!!!

12inch Dub: DUB010 remind

Funckarma - Parts



Finally the long awaited Funckarma CD , new tracks along 1 track of each previous ep. Another step in human development!! more...

CD Dub: DUBcd002 remind

Funckarma - Part 4


Part 4

The new Funckarma ep with the most delicious modern electronica. Sweet sounds with challenging beats. High quality music!!

2LP Dub: DUB017 remind

Funckarma - Part 5


Part 5

The new Funckarma !!. Beats are crispier than ever, the melodies even more sinister and beautiful.

12inch Dub: DUB023 remind

Funckarma & Autophonic vs. The Labteks - Blue Smoke / Mental Block (remixed)

Funckarma & Autophonic vs. The Labteks

Blue Smoke / Mental Block (remixed)

The original ''Blue Smoke/Mental Block'' was praised among hip hop headz world wide incl. Wu-Tang Clan! The internationally renowned electronic whiz k... more...

7inch Bomb Mitte: Bomb Mitte 06 remind

Funckarma - Elaztiq Bourbon 5


Elaztiq Bourbon 5

This album is a compilation of three previously released ep's. Funckarma has remastered all tracks for this release. ''Noir, ''Sphere'', ''Velvet, ''S... more...

CD Sending Orbs: SO003cd(del) remind

Strand + Tres (Funckarma & Shadow Huntaz rmx) - Compact and Disperse EP

Strand + Tres (Funckarma & Shadow Huntaz rmx)

Compact and Disperse EP

Compact & Disperse EP unfolds in front of us a big arsenal of beats and rhymes polished with live instruments (drums, cellos, stringsā€¦) though the res... more...

12inch Pulpa: Pulpa003 remind

Funckarma - Dubstoned ep3


Dubstoned ep3

Dubstoned 3 is the long due follow up in a series of dubstep based releases by Funckarma. Dubstoned 3 will be released in limited editions on vinyl.... more...

12inch Eat Concrete: Eat015 remind

Funckarma - Dubstoned ep 4


Dubstoned ep 4

Funckarma take off the gloves and deliver 'Dubstoned EP4', their darkest and most energetic release in the series so far. Again, the Funcken bros show... more...

12inch Eat Concrete: Eat019 remind

Funckarma - Dubstoned EP5


Dubstoned EP5

The fifth in their ongoing series of Dubstep Electronics EP's.

12inch Thin Consolation: Thin016 remind

Funckarma - Reasch ep


Reasch ep

Funckarma still going strong! These guys have been with us since the first DUB releases and still are trying to push their machines to the max! Nice t... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship002 remind

Funckarma - Refurbished One


Refurbished One

Funckarma's ''Refurbished One'' is currently being manufactured. This time around n5MD is using recycled materials and vegetable based inks for someth... more...

CD n5MD: n5MD 130 € 23,49

Funckarma vs Onionboy - Rusty Kokon ep

Funckarma vs Onionboy

Rusty Kokon ep

Funckarma goes in league with Onionboy (Darko Esser), both delivering a track of their own, and a remix of each other's. Funckarma's Rusty W is lush e... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship013 € 8,99

Funckarma - Smizm ep


Smizm ep

Avantgarde electronica from the Funcken bros.. Deep deep adventures in to the world of modern experimentation.. Artwork by Delta!

12inch Dub: DUB030 € 7,99