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Goblin - Tenebre



80's Italian horror soundtrack to Dario Argento's film Tenebre. Claudio Simonetti (one of the Goblin members) was involved in producing discorecords f... more...

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Creative Source / Goblin - Who Is He / Flashing

Creative Source / Goblin

Who Is He / Flashing

''Who Is He (And What Is He To You)'' is a huge record in every sense big with djs and dancers across a multitude of scenes globally over the 30+ year... more...

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Goblin / Hypnoses - Tenebre / Pulstar

Goblin / Hypnoses

Tenebre / Pulstar

Serge: “It's nuts; I have cleared a dancefloor with these edits once but also have blown Disco Bloodbath sideways with it too, you make your choice...... more...

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Goblin - Dawn Of The Dead


Dawn Of The Dead

The original soundtrack recording for this 1979 US cult movie by horror director George A. Romero. Terrific music score by Goblin and Dario Argento. G... more...

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Goblin - Suspiria



Suspiria (1976) recapitulates the formulaic accoutrements of symphonic rock (compound time signatures, ornate instrumentation, vainglorious tone, melo... more...

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Goblin - Zombi



In exchange for Dario Argento's help on Dawn of the Dead, George Romero allowed Argento to release a different (more explicit) cut of the movie in Eur... more...

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Goblin - Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark


Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark

Another non-soundtrack album, Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark, from 1978, was the only Goblin album entirely sung (in Italian), the others be... more...

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Goblin - Suspira



Probably the most scary soundtrack Goblin has ever written (don't listen at it when the lights are down!), apparently it seems that the score was comp... more...


Goblin - Tenebre



Here Dario Argento moved from full and warm-coloured atmospheres to the aseptic and cold architectural spaces of Rome. The music of ''Tenebre'' respon... more...

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Goblin - Contamination



The soundtrack to the Italian sci-fi/horror movie Contamination (aka Alien Contamination), directed by Luigi Cozzi in 1980. more...

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Da GobliNN - Sweat EP

Da GobliNN

Sweat EP

Warehouse find!!! A 100 copies white label test pressing with industrial cyber punk techno tracks rooted in the good old Unit Moebius tradition and pr... more...

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Goblin - Patrick



Patrick is an Australian thriller/horror movie made in 1978; at the beginning of the following year, Goblin were asked by the Italian distributor of t... more...

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Goblin - Buio Omega


Buio Omega

First time ever! vinyl press of this 1979 soundtrack to the Goblin movie whose main ingredients are keyboards and synthesizers, swings among echoes of... more...

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Goblin - Roller



Roller was the second record for Goblin, originally released in 1976, just after the successful score of Profondo Rosso, and is one of the very few Go... more...

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Goblin - Profondo Rosso


Profondo Rosso

Incredible reissue of Profondo Rosso, one of the absolute cult movie soundtracks of all times, in its 35th anniversary! This reissue is a faithful rep... more...

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Goblin - Amo Non Amo


Amo Non Amo

''Amo non amo'' (I love you I love you not), the Italian drama film directed by Armenia Balducci in 1979, was an ambitious work at the time, with an e... more...

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Goblin - Profondo Rosso


Profondo Rosso

The original soundtrack recording for the 1975 cult masterpiece by horror director Dario Argento. The movie (known in the US as Deep Red and starring... more...

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Da GobliNN  - Da Magik + remixes

Da GobliNN

Da Magik + remixes

Techno? Acid? House? Land Of Dance has no borders. D'Marc Cantu, Andrew Red Hand and Seixlack on work to remix the track of the canadian's artist also... more...

EP Land Of Dance Records: LOD008 € 9,99