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Easy Going - Casanova

Easy Going


Original Canadian pressing of this Italo / Disco outfit produced by Claudio Simonetti. The lyrics where penned down by Giancarlo Meo and Douglas Meaki... more...

LP Unidisc: Uniwave WLP-1019 remind

Still Going - Still Going Theme

Still Going

Still Going Theme

Still Going is the combination of two NYC dance music leaders Eric Dunks & Duncan of Rub & Tug and Olivier Spencer of Manthraxx and Mr. Negative. Even... more...

12inch Dfa: Dfa2179 remind

Still Going  - D117

Still Going


Still Going’s first release on their newly minted label aims to find out. Beautiful balearic tracks on this new label. The guitar, which sounds like i... more...

12inch Still Going: SGR001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Still Going - Work That Shit Party

Still Going

Work That Shit Party

Eric Duncan and Liv Spencer aka Still Going (if we understood it all correctly!) with the 2nd release on Still Going Records dropping some peak time t... more...

12inch Still Going: SGR002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Going - III (Disque D'ORgue)


III (Disque D'ORgue)

Going's third effort is a joint release by Silent Water and meakusma. Recorded in the span of one year in monthly recording sessions, it sees them ven... more...

12inch + Download Meakusma: MEA022/SW015 € 19,99