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Hrdvsion - Oh Techno Saves


Oh Techno Saves

Four tracks of beautiful melodic atmospheric minimal software break/tech for the more progressive dancefloors. Tip!

12inch Itiswhatitis Recordings: IIWII008 remind

Hrdvsion - Oxygen Sway


Oxygen Sway

Hrdvsion aka Nathan Jonson (Itiswhatitis / Plak) deliversfour tracks of cut up moody techno (''Oxygen Sway'') to deep reduced minihouse (''Esoper'') p... more...

12inch Plak records: Plak005 remind

Hrdvsion - The Sick Memory Ep


The Sick Memory Ep

The Sick Memory EP is the initial release from Hrdvsion. Hrdvsion is Nathan Jonson, brother of Wagon Repair’s own Mathew. The album is just another st... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag007 remind

Hrdvsion - Gary White


Gary White

For his second outing on Wagon Repair, Hrdvsion (a.k.a. Nathan Jonson), yet again blesses us with a showcase of diverse style and emotion on this 5-tr... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag015 remind

Hrdvsion - Playing For Keeps (Mole Remix)


Playing For Keeps (Mole Remix)

Opener 'Playing For Keeps' is an exhilarating trip, centered around a swinging mapped by crunching beats. Chopped and skewed, pulsing electro house me... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag036 remind

Hrdvsion - Love's Duel


Love's Duel

Advance electronical techno tracks that are exploring the bounderies of modern dance music! Our favorite is b2 with a totally nice bassline and a nice... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: Wag041 remind

Hrdvsion - The Mohana ep.


The Mohana ep.

Modern frantic techno tracks with a lot of energy... Especialy the aside goes somewhere between Undergound Resistance electro tracks, Old Dan Curtin a... more...

12inch Wagon Repair: WAG051 remind

Hrdvsion  - Where Did You Just Go?


Where Did You Just Go?

6 track vinyl version of Hrdvsions debut album. Strong album with tracks that are true techno as in the original meaning of the word, technology and i... more...

EP Wagon Repair: Wag064 remind
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