Artist: Isorinne - All

Isorinne - Speechless Malison


Speechless Malison

There is an intricate sorrow to Isorinne's new album, 'Speechless Malison.' Though broadly melodic, it feels exhausted rather than restrained; though... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE47 remind

Isorinne - Recollections of Forgotten Dreams


Recollections of Forgotten Dreams

The third and final chapter in a three-part EP series from Field Records comes from Michel Isorinne, who has released a number of tapes under various... more...

12inch Field Records: Field019 € 8,99

Isorinne - Wave Stuff


Wave Stuff

Wave Stu might just be the Platonic ideal of icy, emotionally fraught synth-pop. On his debut release for Origin Peoples, Stockholm-based musician Mic... more...

LP Origin Peoples: OP008 € 19,99