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ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 1


ItaloJohnson 1

ItaloJohnson greets the dance floor with his first vinyl release embodying three functional tracks appropriate for any party mood. The A-side’s system... more...

12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ01 remind

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 3


ItaloJohnson 3

Retro chicago influenced tracks part 3

12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ03 remind

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 5


ItaloJohnson 5

ItaloJohnson’s first release in 2012 breaks the standards of the classic 12- inch model with two tracks representing a double A-side on a 10-inch viny... more...

10inch Italo Johnson: ITJ05 remind

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 07


ItaloJohnson 07

ItaloJohnson are hitting you up with the seventh ITJ installment and as you might have guessed, they present you once more with three tracks on a fine... more...

12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ07 remind

ItaloJohnson - ITJ08



Peaktime newskool jack trax.

12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ08 remind

ItaloJohnson - ITJ09
12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ09 remind

ItaloJohnson - 07A1 Floorplan & Jimmy Edgar Remixes
12inch Italo Johnson: ITJRMX01 remind

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson6



Keeping with tradition, the second ItaloJohnson release of 2012 once again presents itself in the likeliness of a 12inch Wax with three tracks. The on... more...

12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ06 € 9,49

ItaloJohnson - ITJ10



After nearly a year of studio silence, and 9 releases under their belt the painfully anonymous DJ/ production trio ItaloJohnson finally reveal that th... more...

10inch Italo Johnson: ITJ10 € 9,99

ItaloJohnson - ItaloJohnson 4


ItaloJohnson 4

Three track ep with jacking chicago influenced track with concrete in-your-face-drumming, piano lessons and stabbing strings.

12inch Italo Johnson: ITJ04 € 8,99