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June Chikuma - Les Archives

June Chikuma

Les Archives

Les Archives is composed, arranged, and produced by the elusive Japanese artist June Chikuma. While Freedom To Spend’s reinvented edition bares little... more...

12inch Freedom To Spend: FTS010 remind

June Lopez - Dream On

June Lopez

Dream On

''Dream On'' is a lush deep house piece with live percussion added to the mix. The flip is ''Adventures In The Land Of Dub'' which has obviously taken... more...

12inch Rhythmic Deep: Rhythmic Deep 002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

June - June 01


June 01

Mysterious producer under the name June, composes a three track EP ranging from trippy acid house to chicago. We found out the tracks were composed so... more...

12inch June: June01 remind

June - Cytheria (DJ Sprinkles Remix)


Cytheria (DJ Sprinkles Remix)

After the ingenious June white label came out last summer, These Days Records' office fell in love with it and without wasting any time rushed to con... more...

12inch These days: TD09 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

June - The Olympian Chronicles (Simoncino mix)


The Olympian Chronicles (Simoncino mix)

June with some tracks firmly rooted in proto-house and acid. A whirlwind of crystalline electronics, sunshine-bright melodies and playful synthesizer... more...

12inch Cosmic Club: CCC012 remind

Sixth June - Back For A Day

Sixth June

Back For A Day

Serbian duo Sixth June – Laslo Antal and Lidija Andonov – who are rising from the mostly unknown music scene in Belgrade. Sixth June started their... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ016 remind

June - Goldean Era


Goldean Era

A set of minimal synth recordings, captured live with in-studio performance. These pieces are a tribute to the golden era of electronic music that mai... more...

12inch June: June03 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sixth June - Pleasure

Sixth June


Serbian duo Sixth June - Laszlo Antal and Lidija Andonov - come with a fresh new 5 tracks 12inch EP ''Pleasure''. They play minimal, industrial synthe... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ045 remind

June - The Human Target


The Human Target

June presents The Human Target EP. Industrial house & electro tracks on the A and the B side. more...

12inch June: June05 remind

Manie Sans Delire (AKA June & Trenton Chase) - Manie Sans Delire

Manie Sans Delire (AKA June & Trenton Chase)

Manie Sans Delire

Manie Sans Délire is the debut EP of the new collaborative DIY electronics project of June and Trenton Chase. Five tracks written and recorded live in... more...

12inch June: June08 remind

June / Lowfish - C.D.S.N.

June / Lowfish


Suction Records presents a new split-12-inch by label alumnus June and Lowfish - “C.D.S.N.” (suction038) is 4 tracks of classic Suction-style melodic... more...

12inch Suction: Suction038 remind

Junes - Of No Memory


Of No Memory

Deep trippy modern house tracks with an extra mention for the long slowly building athmospheric b2 track. Nice!

12inch Wicked Bass: WB020 remind

Junei - Let's Ride


Let's Ride

This is the real late nite music, recorded in 1987 at his home studio NEI (Gary, Indiana), Willie Junei Lee Jr's music is beyond this time. Guitarist,... more...

12inch Peoples Potential Unlimited: PPU072 € 13,99

Junes - Blue Moon


Blue Moon

Following up on last year's A View LP, Junes returns to Dote to further develop his trademark sound. Taking aim solely at the dance floor, Blue Moon p... more...

12inch Dote: DOTE002 € 12,99

June - Dominion



June is the solo project of Tsampikos Fronas. 'Dominion' is focused on June's synthwave sound, utilizing hardware step sequencers to sync and control... more...

LP Suction: Suction029 € 12,99

June Evans - Untitled

June Evans


Compilation with impossible to find songs by June Evans. TIP! . ''Excited to announce Tambourine Party's first release of June Evan's music. We dug... more...

LP Tambourine Party: TPR001 € 29,99

June - Silver Demon


Silver Demon

Greek artist June makes his debut on Mannequin Records with the 'Silver Demon' LP. The album explores a futuristic dystopian world where transcendence... more...

LP Mannequin records: MNQ134 € 18,49

Anna vs June - Prosper Easter

Anna vs June

Prosper Easter

Anna Vs June is the alias of Anna Papaioannou a contemporary music composer from Greece. She captures the perfect balance between electronic and tradi... more...

Mini-LP Yalanchi: YALANCHI003 € 10,99

Winter In June - Eternal Lovers

Winter In June

Eternal Lovers

The Silent Season 10 Year Anniversary collection celebrates a decade of deeper electronic music. The vinyl series features artists whose music continu... more...

12inch Silent Season: SSX06 € 7,99

Junes - A View


A View

Junes kicks off a new imprint, Dote, with a full-length exploration of the direct yet dreamlike sounds, crisp grooves and ghostly palettes. more...

2x12inch Dote: Dote001 € 21,99