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Kashmere Stage Band - Zero Point (1971-1972)

Kashmere Stage Band

Zero Point (1971-1972)

This group's got so many members, there's barely room left on the stage for the instruments! That doesn't stop the record from being plenty darn funky... more...

LP Kram: Kram 104 remind

Kashawar, Lapucci  - present: Ritmo Phantasma

Kashawar, Lapucci

present: Ritmo Phantasma

Following last year’s Resonate LP, Kashawar returns to Partisan in partnership with Lapucci to present a new project; Ritmo Phantasma. The duo explor... more...

12inch Partisan: PTN010 remind

Kash - Percussion Sundance


Percussion Sundance

reissue of an amazing lost boogie gem from 1981 hailing from Sweden, an unlikely hub of funk excellence in the early 80s. Originally released on tiny... more...

12inch Various UK re-releases: BN151 remind

Kashii - Rome Ep


Rome Ep

Kerri chandlers new Madtech label with some tight UK influenced house tracks. Crisp and tightly honed house with no frills necessary, from techy chord... more...

12inch Madtech: KCMT002 remind

Takashi Himeoka - Kamogawa EP

Takashi Himeoka

Kamogawa EP

Ecstatic housy tunes on the first Rummenigge. Vinyl only

12inch Rummenigge: RUM01 remind

Akasha - Akasha Chronicles


Akasha Chronicles

AHAAD third outing! The mysterious Akasha Chronicles presents his debut EP, Akasha. Deep, heavy and moving, these tracks are for the mind. Huuuuge tip... more...

12inch AHAAD: AHAAD003 remind

Takashi Kokubo - A Dream Sails Out To Sea

Takashi Kokubo

A Dream Sails Out To Sea

Recorded in 1987 as promotion for a luxury air conditioning line, Takashi Kokubo’s Balearic gem A Dream Sails Out To Sea gets first ever official rele... more...

12inch Lag Records: LAGREC003 remind

Kashmere Stage Band - Kashmere

Kashmere Stage Band


Another sure shot double sider out the Now-Again catalogue, until now both tracks were album only and both pure club killers. I smashed these back in... more...

7inch Athens Of The North: ATH072 € 12,49

Kashmere Stage Band - Out Of Gas But Still Burning

Kashmere Stage Band

Out Of Gas But Still Burning

A stunning batch of funky big band tracks, sounding a lot fuller than on their first LP, thanks to an expanded lineup that gives them a whole new soun... more...

LP Kram: Kram 107 € 14,99

Kash - Supercool



Originally released in 1981 on the mysterious "Newlock Records" (apparently associated with the even more mystifying pirate label "Records Production"... more...

12inch Best Record: BSTX077 € 15,99