Artist: Kassem Mosse - All

Kassem Mosse - Tears Run Rings
12inch Mikrodisko: Mikro002(54569) remind

Kassem Mosse - EP

Kassem Mosse


Slow motion spaced out killer house - Highly Recommended!

12inch Workshop: Work003(54697) remind

Kassem Mosse - Aqueos Haze

Kassem Mosse

Aqueos Haze

“Aqueous Haze”, his new EP for Mikrodisko, starts with “No Peace No Love No Unity”, an 808 driven stomp through landscapes of derelict synths buried i... more...

12inch Mikrodisko: Mikro005(57539) remind

Kassem Mosse - ep

Kassem Mosse


Pure & raw tripping techno.

12inch Workshop: Work008(58639) remind

Kassem Mosse - High Res

Kassem Mosse

High Res

Surprising release on this UK label by the German deephead. A dark & druggy deephouse/dubstep crossover. Tip!

12inch Nonplus: Nonplus008 remind

Kassem Mosse - Kassem Mosse Ep
12inch Kinda Soul: KSR005 remind

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 012

Kassem Mosse

Workshop 012

Smoked out deeep house tunes by mr. Mosse!

12inch Workshop: Work012(62572) remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Kassem Mosse - Musical Generics

Kassem Mosse

Musical Generics

Experimental & acidic slow-mo house excercises by mr. Mosse...

7inch Mikrodisko: M7 remind

Seltene Erden Aka Kassem Mosse  - Northen Rae

Seltene Erden Aka Kassem Mosse

Northen Rae

Seltene Erden can be described as a mix of Ambienthouse, Deephouse, Analogue dance tracks & Ambient.

12inch Mule Electronic: MuleE079 remind

Kassem Mosse - Enoha EP

Kassem Mosse

Enoha EP

Germany based producer Kassem Mosse (real name Gunnar Wendel) releases his second EP for Nonplus, entitled Enoha with analogue sounding techno and ele... more...

12inch Nonplus: Nonplus016 remind

Boddika & Joy Orbison / Kassem Mosse - Think And Change LP Sampler 1

Boddika & Joy Orbison / Kassem Mosse

Think And Change LP Sampler 1

Sampler 1 brings us one of the most sought after tunes of the year, Joy Orbison and Boddika’s Mercy has been given the VIP treatment by Boddika and it... more...

12inch Nonplus: Nonplus022 remind

Joy Orbison / Kassem Mosse - Think And Change Plate 4

Joy Orbison / Kassem Mosse

Think And Change Plate 4

Fourth part out of the Think And Change longplayer..

12inch Nonplus: NonplusLP004Plate4 remind

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 019

Kassem Mosse

Workshop 019

Strong release with advanced abstract house tracks. Recommended! more...

2x12inch Workshop: Work019(39550) remind

Kassem Mosse - Chilazon

Kassem Mosse


Blinding jammed house trips & beyond.

12inch Honest Jons: HJP082 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

XDB / Kassem Mosse - Ekatem / Omrish

XDB / Kassem Mosse

Ekatem / Omrish

It's time for the second release on Diamonds And Pearls in 2012. Two of the most singular and distinct forces in house and techno today team up for a... more...

12inch Diamonds & Pearls: DNP016 € 8,99

Kassem Mosse / Black Point - Split Vol. 2

Kassem Mosse / Black Point

Split Vol. 2

Chilled, downtempo grooves driven Ambient & IDM Electronica excursions.

12inch Out To Lunch: OTL222 (20222) € 10,99

Kassem Mosse - Disclosure

Kassem Mosse


ierce, subtle music, radically strange and unafraid of the deep, but with a killer understanding of rhythm. Lush drum-machine nocturnes, gnarly electr... more...

2LP Honest Jons: HJRLP73 € 19,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L