Artist: Kirk DeGiorgio presents Future/Past - All

Chez Damier presents Peter Macaluso


A new Balance records is here! one with some great hypnotic Detroit-ish house bangers! All tracks were produced, recorded and arranged by Pietro Maca... more...

12inch Balance: BL029 remind

Ron Trent presents WARM

What Do The Stars Say To You

In 1990 Ronald Lee Trent Jr. was the teenage creator of Altered States – a raw, futuristic techno-not-techno anthem, which in retrospect was something... more...

LP Night Time Stories: ALNLP068 € 29,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

P.A. Presents

Lost Voices

SoHaSo keeps finding lost gems in the rich soil of the Dutch electronic underground. You might know P.A. Presents from his epic Entangled EP (1995) or... more...

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo042 remind

Bottin presents

Artifact 19 - Dulce De Luna/Volver Al Campo

Bottin brings us this juicy Artifact 4-tracker in super-limited-quantities. Dulce De Luna is an acid disco weapon with some sabor latino. Volver Al Ca... more...

12inch Artifact: ART19 € 14,99

Future Chroma

Future Chroma

Ambient and cosmic synthesizer music duo Future Chroma sets out their debut full length album. In late 2019 Stiletti-Ana and Casio G Url were jamming... more...

LP Haista Records: HST14 € 27,99

Adam X presents Mass X-odus

Urban Hell

''Urban Hell'' is the latest endeavour from Mass-X-odus, the hard-power-tech-noise side project of Adam X. A sound track set to the urban blight of Am... more...

12inch Sonic groove: SG2295 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lords Of The Future

Terrestrial Exploration EP

In a future that is closer than it may seem, a vessel is sent back to earth, to find out what caused the final demise of human kind. Reporting and rec... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP176 € 14,99

Carista presents

Modern Intimacy Volume 2

After United Identities' successful first vinyl release ''Modern Intimacy Volume 1'' in 2020, founder, DJ, producer and music curator Carista decided... more...

2x12inch United Identities: UIVA002 € 29,99

Rick Wade Presents Dr. Low-Tech

The Funk-O-Sonic E.P.

Detroit's finest Rick Wade lands on FRL Classic Edition. A true House music legend, who don't needs any introduction, pioneer of a new deep house soun... more...

12inch FRL Classic Edition: FCE08 € 14,99

EDO8 presents Binary System

Binary System

EDO8 aka Mr. Portamento, part of Doubledutch and half of the Cosmic Force (who had their debut on Clone Records in 1998!). Edo8 comes back with solo w... more...

12inch Clone West Coast Series: CWCS021 € 12,49

John Beltran presents: Sol Set

Ola de Novo

The first release on John Beltran's new label''All Good Music''. A Brazilian Soulful Jazzy project under the name Sol Set. Ola de Novo (hello again)... more...

LP All Good Music: AGM001 remind

Priori presents RED


RED is a project by Francis Latreille aka Priori. It showcases a darker, more chaotic, and rugged sound. Whereas a lot of Piori's work investigates th... more...

2LP GARMO: GARM04 € 25,99

Orlando Voorn presents Dirty Rules

Dirty Rules

The very first release of the super group Dirty Rules Crew which includes Orlando Voorn, Ricky Sinz and Christian Bonori. Pure Detroit influenced hous... more...

12inch Elypsia: ELY09612 € 9,99

MBG presents New Latin Age ft Mikaela

Italian Voice

Originally released in 1993, now it finally gets a repress after 29 years! Quality italian deep-house as usual from the MBG archives!

12inch MBG International: MBG0493 remind

CYRK presents Various Artist


For their album ''Freundschaft'' CYRK has collaborated with Steffi, Anthony Rother, Ravn Jonassen, JakoJako, Jensen Interceptor, Alienata, Nite Fleit... more...

2LP Burial Soil: BUR012 € 27,99

Future Architect

Prophetic Dreams

Future Architects—a new project by producers Angelina Rose and Florian—cultivate a world of diverse club bangers in the 4-track Prophetic Dreams.

12inch Solid Wood: SolidWood02 remind

Octave One presents Never On Sunday


Octave One live with the first full Never On Sunday release in 30 years which goes towards leftfield pop electronix. ‘The Bearer’ (main mix) opens... more...

12inch 430 west: 4W755 € 16,99

Bright Future


After it became known that the Red Light Complex in Amsterdam had to close Gilb’R invited his friends Satoshi Yamamura and Abel Nagengast down for a s... more...

Mini-LP Versatile: VER134 € 5,99

Bottin presents: Quality Time

Quality Time

Bottin continues his prolific run of creativity with an instrumental LP of "Library Music" titled Quality Time. Searching for a virginal sound rolling... more...

LP Artifact: ART-L29 € 12,99

Aston Presents Pirate Jams & Quicklung

U Know The Score / 4EVR

Back in 1993, Aston was the one half to the SUBURBAN BASE act 'Rap and Aston' as well as part of 'Engineers Without Fears' and earlier 'The Blapps Pos... more...

12inch Boogie Times Records: Boogie014 € 12,49

Solid Funk presents

Acid Call Vol. 1

Cool Acid va! Assemble Music returns in 2021 with its 25th release: a 5-track heavyweight compilation featuring a handful of the finest electronic ac... more...

12inch Assemble Music: AS-25 € 12,99

The Future Sound Of London

Dead Cities

Dead Cities, the seminal fourth album from electronic duo The Future Sound of London, is set for its first-ever vinyl reissue, marking the 25th annive... more...

2LP Virgin: Virgin0602435374635 remind