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Klankman - Klankman



The Bunker 4000 series with its 3rd release! The Hague's new young talent debut for crazy acid house and retarded acidic techno, with the same sort of... more...

12inch Bunker: B4002 remind

Klankman - TH02



The Greek / Dutch label Tar Hallow sets on after the label's maiden voyage by Super Unknown. More poundy basement tracks as we dig them by Bunker alle... more...

12inch Tar Hallow: TH02 remind

Klankman - Illumination Through Feedback Distortion EP


Illumination Through Feedback Distortion EP

After two recent productions on Den Haag's notorious Bunker and on Tar Hallow, Klankman is back with a new dose of pure techno hypnosis.

12inch Details: DTLSND007 remind

Klankman - World Of Phenomena EP


World Of Phenomena EP

*** Pinball machine streets. Teen Age Future. Molotov Cocktails. Terminal electric voices. Unimaginable disaster. ***

12inch Mord: MORD039 € 9,99

Klankman - Bunker 4012


Bunker 4012

After releases on MORD and Tar Hallow, Klankman returns to Guy Tavares Bunker. One slow burner and three wavey distorted house cuts, tip!

12inch Bunker: B4012 € 10,99

Klankman - Information Overload


Information Overload

After his first TH Tar Hallow release and a banging EP on MORD, Klankman is back on Tar Hallow with his Information Overload EP. more...

12inch Tar Hallow: TH07 € 9,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Klankman - Danger EP


Danger EP

Under his Klankman moniker, Maarten Epskamp brings his own twisted take on techno with a lavish amount of acid. Displaying a free-form DIY approach of... more...

12inch Lo Phi Forms Records: LPF01 € 10,49