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LNS - Heliacal Rising


Heliacal Rising

Crystalized six track 12'' by LNS from Vancouver. Starting with a classic electro remix by Wania's E-GZR, followed by an aquatic world of tickering rh... more...

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Jesse / LNS & DJ Sotofett - Pohja / Soft Peak Mix

Jesse / LNS & DJ Sotofett

Pohja / Soft Peak Mix

A-side fully hypnotic, frontal, skeletal & static live drum track with dubbed vocoder throughout the whole side. Helsinki's Jesse duo with a special n... more...

10inch Wania: WaniaTi80 remind

LNS & DJ Sotofett - Jugando Con Fuego

LNS & DJ Sotofett

Jugando Con Fuego

Fully epic, warm, percussive & melodic sunriser, with 12 min running time Side-A expands from padded climbing synths, guitar-steps, flutes and piano -... more...

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LNS & DJ Sotofett - Missed Connection
12inch Wania: WaniaTRE-2 remind

LNS & DJ Sotofett - Blot

LNS & DJ Sotofett


3rd part of LNS & DJ Sotofett's 12'' trilogy. (Extended Mix) riding 12 min with corresponding TR-808 & 909 rhythms, layered progressive strings & patt... more...

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LNS & E-GZR - Crypto Stock / Beatdown (Wania 12inch Mix)


Crypto Stock / Beatdown (Wania 12inch Mix)

Silvery sharp & bouncy 12''. Techno-head E-GZR meets LNS on the A-side for stylistically and precise electro – where a globbing bassline competes with... more...

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LNS - Recons Two


Recons Two

Level two of LNS' electroid quest on own imprint. As last 12inch there are 6 tracks, generously bridging knocking MPC-style Electro, up-tempo video-wo... more...

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LNS - Recons One


Recons One

LNS' self-released six tracker mixes excellent electro impulses with sturdy leftfield. Imagine a PCB board soldered with a crafted hand, finely shaped... more...

12inch LNS: LNS01 € 9,99