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Leif - July V / Shoulders Back


July V / Shoulders Back

Starting a solo venture alongside his work running the UntilMyHeartStops label, Leif kicks off the new 10'' Tio Series with two stunning tracks that o... more...

10inch Tio Series: TioS1 remind

Leif - Designed with that in mind.


Designed with that in mind.

Very funky UK-style tech-house from Leif. This guy surely knows how to keep the hips swingin'. Nice vocal track that will blow up any dancefloor. On t... more...

12inch Fear Of Flying: FOF013 remind

Tom Ellis / Leif - Tone EP

Tom Ellis / Leif

Tone EP

Trimsound returns with a long awaited EP from head honchos Tom Ellis and Leif. A quality combination of funk-filled jackin' tekky beats, spacey dubby... more...

12inch Trimsound: TRIM008 remind

Leif ft Donna Lee - Priority (Daze Maxim rmx)

Leif ft Donna Lee

Priority (Daze Maxim rmx)

Super tight produced vocal house! Strong funked up b-line and sensual vocal from new recruit Donna Lea. the track is driven my warm Rick Wade kind c... more...

12inch Fear Of Flying: FOFltd04 remind

Leif - Cloud Hidden


Cloud Hidden

Leif steps up to Sudden Drop with a powerful 4 tracker. Effervescent keeps the beats deep and dubbed out but with a real sense of pace to work the dan... more...

12inch Sudden Drop: SDrop09 remind

Leif - Dinas Oleu


Dinas Oleu

A sonically refined trip through hazy deep house and tripped out ambient skits. more...

2x12inch Fear Of Flying: FOFLP002 remind

Leif - Nour & Light


Nour & Light

After a years absence, Sudden Drop return with Leif yet again at the controls.

12inch Sudden Drop: SDrop010 remind

Leif - Each Day Made New Ep


Each Day Made New Ep

''With the original pressing of the 2013 release long gone but still in great demand, Ornate is thrilled to revisit Leif's Each Day Made New EP and gi... more...

12inch Ornate: ORN017 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Leif - Macro Beat


Macro Beat

Sexy low swung grooves with layers of bubbly dub synths and light teasing melodies. Nice one!

12inch Galdoors: Gal006 remind

Felix Leifur - In General EP

Felix Leifur

In General EP

Nice lo slung hip hop approach to house music. more...

12inch Dirt crew: Dirt103 remind

Leif - Montpelier/Rumex



Leif presents the third instalment of his 10'' vinyl series exploring off-kilter, shimmering rhythmic and melodic abstractions

10inch Tio Series: TIOS3 remind

Felix Leifur  - Legaffe Tales

Felix Leifur

Legaffe Tales

Lagaffe Tales introduces new BROT series with four electro-tinged cuts from Iceland’s Felix Leifur entitled ‘BROT01’. Reflecting the harsh nature o... more...

12inch Brot: Brot001 € 12,99

Felix Leifur  - Brot002

Felix Leifur


second release on Lagaffe Tales by Felix Leifur

12inch Lagaffe Tales: brot002 € 12,99

Leif - Igam-Ogam



In 2017, Leif launched the TIO-Series label as a vehicle to showcase the more off-kilter rhythmical side of his own productions. Livity Sound continue... more...

EP Livity Sound: LIVITY037 € 10,99

Felix Leifur  - Brot003

Felix Leifur


Third release on Lagaffe Tales by Felix Leifur more...

12inch Lagaffe Tales: brot003 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Leif - Bluebird/Number 13


Bluebird/Number 13

After the widespread acclaim for ''Shoulders Back'' and ''July V'', Leif fires up his 10'' TIO Series with another pair of dazzling, future-minded cut... more...

10inch Tio Series: TioS02 € 10,99

Leif Muller - Shtum 017

Leif Muller

Shtum 017

Hello Leif Mueller on shtum. Pleased to meet you. Especially with such a strong debut release. Everything is starting with the no-nonsense-Techno tr... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum017 € 10,49

Leif - Loom Dream


Loom Dream

Made up of six tracks but presented as two ~17-minute pieces, the record meanders through warm chordscapes, glistening synths and loose live percussio... more...

LP Whities: WHYT020 € 20,99