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The Locust - Movementz: Member Of The Trick Vol 3

The Locust

Movementz: Member Of The Trick Vol 3

Movementz are a collective of five Dj/producers based in and around Birmingham. Bored by their local club scene, they decided to put their own sound o... more...

12inch Sonar Kollektiv: Sonar Kollektiv 117 remind

Locust - Morning Light


Morning Light

In celebration of Record Store Day, Medical Records presents a reissue of the fourth album by Locust. Originally released in 1997 on Apollo/R&S Record... more...

2LP Medical Records: MR-057 remind

Locust - Red



Mark Van Hoen (prior jaunts in Seefeel, Scala, Autocreation among others) as Locust emerges with the first of a series of EPs for Transfusions that di... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-014 € 12,99

Locust - Green



The second in a series of EPs by Mark Van Hoen's Locust project. Continuing in the vein of Mark's signature interpretation of techno, GREEN also has a... more...

12inch Medical Records: MRT-015 € 9,99