Artist: Maizena - All

Maizena - Luxus-Rhythms



Tripped out house and ambient works from Aarhus Denmark.

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Maizena - Sojouring Music


Sojouring Music

More massiveness from our Aarhus based buddy's! Related to Help Records & Regelbau this is another safe shot. Go Maizena!

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Maizena - Strange Worries


Strange Worries

New record on Helpo Recordingso by the Arhus quartet Maizena. This one is one of those more relaxing and introvert records we put out to stress the fa... more...

12inch Help Recordings: HELP010 € 10,49

Maizena - Regelbau 010


Regelbau 010

New record from Maizena. 4 tracks - 1 downtempo and three club cuts!

12inch Regelbau: RB10 € 10,49