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Material Mantra (orb mixes) - Mantra?

Material Mantra (orb mixes)


Promo release of this rare ep with great mixes by the Orb (writing on label)

12inch Axiom: Axiom remind

Mantra - Age Of Aquarius


Age Of Aquarius

Bunker goes all dark and underground again with the Robot Dystopia series. Limited editions (350) black labels.

EP Bunker: B3058 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mantra - The Second Age


The Second Age

2018 Repress! Very wild (lean and mean!) old-school '88 acid house! more...

12inch Bunker: B3063 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Michael Mantra - Sonic Alter (Deepchord Remix)

Michael Mantra

Sonic Alter (Deepchord Remix)

A few original copies back in stock!! This is a new re-working of the classic ambient masterpiece by Michael Mantra.Sonic Alter was originally issued... more...

CD Silentes: SILENTES200401CD remind

Mantra - After Dark


After Dark

From North Yorkshire, England, more classic '88 UK dark acid house from Mantra, a full-length lp on white vinyl. more...

12inch Bunker: B3096 remind

Mantra - Out Of The Aether


Out Of The Aether

The Abstract Acid series continues its exploration into the depths of acid with a relentless 303 assault from the Yorkshire based machine operator, Ma... more...

12inch Abstract Acid: AACID005 remind

Mantra - Many Worlds (The Crystal Issue Cycle 3)


Many Worlds (The Crystal Issue Cycle 3)

Solar One Music is always on the search for new missions and now its time for a new series on this label called "The Crystal Issue". Focus will be mor... more...

One sided 12 Solar One Music: SOM/CIC003 remind

Echospace / Michael Mantra - Sea Shell City

Echospace / Michael Mantra

Sea Shell City

DeepChord and Echospace started off as barely more than a rumor supported mostly by the continous scarcity of their records. The duo comprised of Detr... more...

CD + MP3 Echospace: EchoAirCD04 remind

Mantra - Mindstream



After delivering the 8th Polybius Trax’s release under Myriadd’s alias, Craig Stainton strikes again. And this time he does it under the name of Mantr... more...

12inch Polybius Trax: PT009 remind

Mantra - The Abyss EP


The Abyss EP

Mantra makes an entry to Finnish ProForm Series with his raw and uncompromised four track acid EP called 'The Abyss'. After releases on Bunker Records... more...

12inch Proform Series: PFS011 remind

Mantra - Exhale



A selection of three acid-tinged cuts here, from Mantra, who has previously released on labels such as Bunker, Abstract Acid and Solar One Music.

12inch Polybius Trax: PT011 remind

Mantra - Blackout



Following their previous Mantra EP, Polybius Trax present here another three track EP from Mantra showcasing a variety of acid styles.

12inch Polybius Trax: PT013 remind

Mantra - Third Mind


Third Mind

2018 Repress! Clinically but relentless jacking acid as if 88 was yesterday. Very good!

EP Bunker: B3085 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L