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Metropolis - Guardian Of The Heartmachine EP


Guardian Of The Heartmachine EP

Dutch millipede Nick Lapien offers a view of one of his intriguing projects, this time as Metropolis. This alter-ego, inspired by the 1927’ cultfilm,... more...

12inch Other Heights: OHWL#Six remind

Metropolis - A Machine of Desire


A Machine of Desire

Nick Lapien's debut release as Metropolis garnered little attention when it materialized last year. A skeptical yet dedicated network of underground h... more...

12inch Sequencias: Seq007 remind

Metropolis - Unify



Dark machine music by Metropolis on the Pinkman offshoot label Charlois. The EP starts with the German vocalized protest song ''Uberall Polizei, Nirge... more...

12inch Charlois: CHAR006 remind

Metropolis - Solitude (incl. D5 Remix)
12inch Bliq: Bliq013 remind

Metropolis - Angstpolitiek



Introducing Broken Dreams, a new series of white label releases on Rotterdam based Pinkman label. First up is Metropolis, who returns with four Wave,... more...

12inch Pinkman Broken Dreams: PBD01 remind

Lapien / Metropolis - Marchland EP

Lapien / Metropolis

Marchland EP

Nick Lapien has been sharpening his music sound a number of monikers; Metropolis, Nepal and his own name. On labels like Other Heights and Sequencias... more...

12inch Photic Fields: PF06 € 8,99