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Mike Ash - Carbonic Ep

Mike Ash

Carbonic Ep

''`The title track is body melting Sub Bass meets synapse smashing 303 ACID riffs that roll over and over you in waves as Mike tweaks the frequencies... more...

12inch No Survivors: ACID003 remind

Mike Ash - Return To Acid

Mike Ash

Return To Acid

Super Rhythm Trax return to the original Acid House blueprint of the mid/late 80's , updateing it with fresh ideas yet maintaining the intergrity and... more...

12inch Super Rhythm Trax: SRTX001 remind

Mike Ash - Maximum Power EP

Mike Ash

Maximum Power EP

Three modern Hardcore Breaks Bass & Bleeps tracks from Mike Ash. Classic 90's influences abound. If Bizarre Inc, N-joi and The Exorcist had been stuck... more...

12inch Music Preservation Society: MASH001 remind