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Milan W - In Bloom

Milan W

In Bloom

Generative music seems to imply a systems approach to music, or a system that once created can utilise randomness in a creative way. The benevolenc... more...

LP Universal Exports: EU002 remind

Milan W - Envelope

Milan W


Milan W (AKA Milan Warmoeskerken) is an Antwerp-based musician. In 2015 he released the Slo Mo cassette, on local label JJ Funhouse. The Intact LP a y... more...

LP Ekster: EKS016 remind

Milan W - Intact

Milan W


Milan W's new lp is here and it sounds like a comedown-classic which is way too funky to be an ambient record and has the power to cut as deep as any... more...

LP JJ Funhouse: JJ010 € 19,99

Milan W. / Ekolali - Plafond 2

Milan W. / Ekolali

Plafond 2

BAKK extends it's mind-altering quest with Plafond 2 with two tracks averaging 17 minutes. From Antwerp's depths Milan W. brings a stunning track (con... more...

LP BAKK: BAKKplafond2 € 13,49