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Mix Mup - Beach Hotel De Haan

Mix Mup

Beach Hotel De Haan

On Mix Mup's first outing on meakusma, he once again delves deep into abstracted, bleeped-out house music. His characteristically playful and quirky s... more...

EP Meakusma: Mea016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mix Mup - After The Job Ep

Mix Mup

After The Job Ep

Four, off-the-wall, housebound deviations in true Hinge Finger mode from Liepzig's underdog: fervently chopped-up beats, slicing percussion shots and... more...

12inch Hinge Finger: Hinge8675 € 12,99

Mix Mup - Skip Intro

Mix Mup

Skip Intro

Germany's Mix Mup does his first solo on TTT. He did appear in the series before in collab with Kassem Mosse.

12inch The Trilogy Tapes: TTT031 € 12,99

Mix Mup - Diamonds
12inch Mikrodisko: Mikro012 € 10,99